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Anun is a Bangladeshi Social Commerce App. Only Anun introduced a team purchasing opportunity with a huge discount for the first time in Bangladesh.

Mainly Anun app provides single purchase and Group Buying offers or you can call it Team Purchase with Local Shopping Vouchers at reduced prices. For each product on the Anun platform, shoppers can choose to buy the product individually, or initiate or join a team purchase. Anun motivates Bangladeshi shoppers to form teams around the desired product. Team purchases regularly permit customers to enjoy lower prices, however, an order will only be confirmed once a team is formed. Also, Anun provides a price chopping facility to get the free product by forming a big team. Here you can earn rewards by per-hourly check-ins.

To successfully make a team or group, the shopper can launch the entire interaction by placing his order with an initial instalment. The shopper can share relevant product information among his friends on various social media like Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO, email etc. It can be a link or joining code. The order is considered successful if there are enough friends (other shoppers) showing their interests in buying the product; otherwise, the platform will refund the initial payment to the shopper or mark it as an open team if the order can't proceed further. Meanwhile, instead of paying the initial fee, the shopper can send out a price reduction post to his circle of friends on social media; the shopper and his friends can enjoy a discount if there are more potential shoppers in the team, and eventually, the shopper may get the product for free if the team of shoppers is big enough.

Also, shoppers can buy discounted vouchers for local shops to enjoy the discount on physical shopping. It's also exciting and huge savings.

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Exciting Offers

Enjoy special offers, promotions, and price chopping. With Anun, you will never run out of super deals in your nearby area.

Super-fast Delivery: Tap and Delivered! Best Q- commerce (Quick Commerce) app in Bangladesh.

We understand that you're hungry and want your food. Need emergency medicine when you're sick. Groceries stock out when you're cooking. We know you want all of them ASAP. What will be your feelings if you could get them at a much lower price than a retail shop by just only using the Anun app? Hence, our supermans are making it a point to serve your order at lightning speed.

How did it work?

First, register your account. Then, choose your required service and place an order. Your order will be placed with our partner, once theyre ready for your order, our superman brings them to you. You can track your rider in real-time. Just sit back and enjoy.

What makes us special?

We're working to make online purchasing cheaper than retail shop purchasing to save your money and time. It makes us special and acceptable to everyone.

No Minimum Order Conditions
We place no minimum order restrictions! Order in as little as you would like.

Best Shops
Order fresh fruits & vegetables, daily essentials, and all household items and electronics from top-rated shops in your city, via our Fresh, Sodai Express, Voucher and Shop section.

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Anun is available all over Bangladesh ( Some features are live in limited locations only)

Claim for #1 team purchasing or group-buying social commerce for food, medicine, grocery delivery & shopping app in Bangladesh.

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