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3 month computer Repairing

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Download this app named 3 month computer Repairing.

If your computer isn't running very well and you can't afford to get it
repaired, this is definitely the computer repair course for you.
If you have an interest in technology and repairing field then a full-fledged
profession is ready for you. There is huge content material for easy language,
we provide Computer Hardware Repairing Course.

Here you will learn several techniques, such as hardware basics,
troubleshooting, tools and their application, assembling disassembling
of different models of computers and comprehensive study of motherboard.
Computer Repairing Course application you can easily understand different
parts from basic of computer repair.

This application is completely work offline & Free to download, so no
need of internet can download the app once and can access all the material
without internet connection .This application all material in Hindi and
English language. This app will also help you to bookmark your favorite
topics for future references, set reminder & easy to share via SMS, watsapp,
facebook ,email,Yahoo, facebook, wechat,Viber, Hike etc .This application
easy to start, set reminder and move to particular date etc.

Following repair course app includes :-

.Computer Concepts
.Hardware Problem
.Software Problem
.Computer g.k.
.Computer common shortcut
.Internet Tips
.Technology Tips
.Microsoft world crash course
.Java programming crash
.Php crash course
.ASP.Net crash course
.C language
.Python crash course
.RAM Performance,
.How to build a PC.

This course is helpful to learn full computer Repairing course,
download and share this app...

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