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This App is to control Multi-Zone Audio Entertainment System (M-ZAES): Music is the heart and sole of the current trends. In a family, kids want to listen to Rock and at the same time Grand parents want to listen to some devotional etc. To meet these requirements of all the generations M-ZAES is evolved. It is a radical way of listening the music in Homes, restaurants, Hotels etc.There is no restriction of listening same song in all zones/rooms. Users can listen to different song in each Zone or Room according to their own taste.
M-ZAES, the Multi Room Audio System will provide the centralized music to your Home/Hotel/Restaurant/Park, where you can run different music in different zones/rooms or same music in all. It will provide BIG storage space where user can store all of audio collection, at the same time it can take minimum 2 source inputs through which user can connect the TV or Dock or DVD or Radio and access the same in different zones independently. Even user can give MIC input which can be used as source of announcements in the whole building.
This M-ZAES controller talks to the Server via Wi-Fi, all the playlists, effects control, source switch will be done in a single touch.
Multiple Clients also can be connected to M-ZAES simultaneously and control the things in different zones.

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