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After cakes and cakes made we decided that in this cooking game you should try to adopt a new style of decorating and of course this kind of change is about to provoke your imagination to think beyond the limits. So get your creativity on you and lets start making a different kind of cake that would impress anyone with it taste and design. First thing is to go with your shopping cart to the store and find all the ingredients you would need to get your recipe done. In a big bowl put the flour, the salt and four fresh eggs and mix them well until the composition get smooth. In another container get the butter, the sugar and the oil mixed together until its homogeneous.

Put the both batters in one place and mix again so youll be able to put the dough in the rectangle tray. Now you have to put it in the oven to get baked, but try to respect the timer so the cake wont burn. Once youve take off the cake cut in squares pieces and let it cool down. The colorful cake topping are ready to be used if you want to decorate the selected pieces with different colors and of course add the final touches with the white cream that will make the cake look like a block cake with letters. Keep testing your abilities of chef and see how you can create the tastiest cake youve ever made from nothing less but usual ingredients. . Listen to your inner chef and have fun while you play with art of baking cakes.

There are some interesting features this game offers you like:
- Cheerful background sounds and cool graphics
- Dexterity in making delicious shaped cakes
- New recipe to make and cakes to bake
- Develop your cooking skills and upgrade them if you have to
- Easy control of the game
- Free to play

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