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The basic idea of REBA is similar to that of RULA: positions of individual body segments will be
observed and the more there is deviation from the neutral posture the higher will the score of each
body part be. Group A includes trunk and neck, and legs and group B upper arms, lower arms, and
wrists. These groups are combined and the 144 posture combinations are transformed to a general
postural score ("'grand score"). Additional items observed and scored are the load handled, coupling
with the load handled, and physical activity. The scores are summed up to have one score for each
observation. These scores are compared to tables stating risk on five levels and actions needed
("none" -- "necessary now").
REBA was designed in UK to provide a quick and easy observational postural analysis tool for whole
body activities in health-care and other service industries (Hignett 2000, Hignett 2006, McAtamney
2005). Further development of weights given for different items in the counting of risk index,
combination of items from another checklist and software for palm computer (Janowitz 2006).

HSE is Health Safety and Environment

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