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Double Connect

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How to Play
-Tap the screen to spin the colored circles.
-Match them to the corresponding circles that rush in either top or bottom.
-Keep going until you mess up.
-Brag to Your friends about it - leaderboard included!

Fast-paced and competitive, Double Connect puts your visual acumen and finger reflexes, or “fingerflexes,” to the test. A simple design in and of itself, the game is composed of two circles joined at the center in the screen middle. One tap switches which color is on top and which is on bottom. But don’t let this seemingly calm demeanor fool you. When you’re ready to begin, small balls coming shooting down and up at you from the top and bottom. It’s your duty to match them to their appropriate color in the middle. One wrong move, and the game is over. A counter at top keeps track of your score which you can share with family and friends as you desperately race to work your way up the leaderboard. See just how good you are. Download today, and face your opponents in the ultimate battle.

*A Leaderboard allows you to track your standing against both your friends and the rest of the world. Each player is shown with a customizable user pic and their current level.
*Achievements for such things as earning 50 points or playing 50 games earn you the XP you need to level up. See how fast you can earn them all!
*The share feature makes it the perfect game to taunt others trying to reach your level of expertise or simply find out how well your friends and family are doing. It connects to the most popular sites, including Facebook and Twitter, creating an automatic message so all you have to do is hit send.
*Simple and seamless design makes it easy to learn and easy to play but not easy to beat.
*Perfect for gamers of every age.




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