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Dope Wars: Trap War Download

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Dope Wars: Trap War

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Download this app named Dope Wars: Trap War.

-Choose your character & explore the city of 'Juug-Land’

-Action packed fully interactive shooter/ RPG based on the classic game dope wars.

-Travel through the town and follow all laws or face harsh consequences including: warrants, police stops, frisks, court cases, or jail sentences, & prison shankings in the Juug-County Jail and Juug-Land Penitentiary.

-Survive and navigate through roughest sections of Juug-Land while Juugin your way to the top.

-Juug through the mean streets packed with rivals, robbers, street-walkers, customers, cops, local bosses, burglaries, stick-ups, stash-houses, juug houses, home-invasions & many more juugs for unlimited juugin...

-Unlock all types of Juugs and goods to buy and sell throughout the city. Use the new expanded Juug Meter to keep track of all of your juugs and maximize your juugin potential…

-Uncover new Juugs and Juug through the extensive city. Take control of your juugs, make juugs, & become the boss of 'Juug-Land'

-Gain cash & survive by Juugin or flagging down passing cars and customers. Take cover in alleys to avoid heat while Juugin. Buy and sell Juugs and goods in the streets or at the corner-stores & enter local buildings to locate new types of juugs...

-Get around the city using buses / public transportation or buy your own cars to Juug throughout the fully interactive city of Juug-Land

-Hardest game ever made---Virtually impossible to beat.

-Instructions not included, This game is available for free & at cost. Any future sales will go to help lost cats worldwide & to build the Lost Cats Worldwide Foundation International, a partner company of the future NOTBADAPPSLLC-INTERNATIONAL Inc / Multinational Conglomerate Company. Please contact us for any inquiries.




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