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If you are a dog owner, it is important to decide carefully on how your pet's house would look like. There are various dog house designs available from which you can choose from. There are literally hundreds or even thousands of blogs, design contractors and companies that can help you decide on the home of your beloved dog's home.

A lot of people would most likely pick a plain, simple, and traditional design. However, some are more willing to experiment so they follow modern celebrity trends. Some well-off dog owners would even come up with a grand design. Some designs are Hacienda-like or colonial in nature.

Dog houses can either be indoor or outdoor. Therefore, the designs should be customized as well depending on your area.

For dog owners who live inside townhouses or condominiums, it is expected that there is a little space available where the dog house can be placed. There are different topnotch and classy dog house designs that can actually fit inside your home. You can be resourceful and creative by turning end and coffee tables into a getaway for your pet. You can build custom cupboard and sofas that can allow your dog to have its privacy, which is quite important in avoiding sources of stress.

On the other hand, outdoor designs are almost limitless. Perhaps, you are already familiar with the traditional design. Meanwhile, some are more than willing to invest on full-blown fancy designs.

Specifically, a barn-style or farmhouse style is a good option that is best for an outdoor setting. Such designs can be custom made or ready-made. Usually, they come in affordable price tags, mainly due to the stiff competition among pet accessory stores and manufacturers these days.

Lots of designs of dog house can be made with interesting designs such as mock chimneys, self-retracting doors, and windows. If you plan to come up with your own, you need to make sure you have concrete plans on how you will go about building it up. Your option is to look for someone who is already experienced in such a task so you can have someone to help you out. As for the design for your dog's would-be house, you can browse some designs posted online or printed on different pet care magazines.

There are a limitless amount of dog house designs available to dog owners. Hundreds of online blogs, design companies, and contractors have websites geared toward getting your dog in to their (or your) dream dog home. Most people will likely want to go for a simple and traditional pet house styles; while others may wish to follow modern celebrity trends and provide your pooch with an over-the-top designer dog house like a "Hacienda" or "Colonial" house design.

Indoor Dog Homes

People who live in condominiums or townhouses with little or no yard space also have options available. There are many top-notch, classy dog house designs that fit right in with the decor in your home. These can range from coffee and end tables that double as a quiet getaway for your dog, so custom built sofas or cupboards that allow your dog a place of their own to claim some privacy.

Outdoor Design Choices

You may not want to go with a basic traditional, or full-blown fancy designs: Perhaps a farmhouse, or barn-style doghouse would better compliment your property and buildings. Custom made, or ready-made solutions are available for a very affordable price, due to the competition among pet accessory manufacturers these days.

Most house designs come fully insulated with a variety of eye-catching elements like: mock chimneys, windows, self-retracting doors, etc. If you plan to make your own: Make sure you get a set of plans in front of you and/or have someone with building experience on hand for help. Just because a pet house isn't as big as a house doesn't mean the chance of making errors is smaller -- A dog house is a house on a smaller scale, without plumbing or electricity (though some people include both in their dog house designs).




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