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Dog Whistle helps you train your dog to perform actions such as sit, stay, come, and lie down. Dog Whistle lets you set the frequency of the whistle so that your device emits a sound that only dogs are able to hear, which allows you to train your dog without disturbing others in the area.

Dog Whistle produces sounds that cannot be heard by human ears. Loud sounds can be harmful to animals. Please test the Dog Whistle volume by setting the frequency to something that you can hear before increasing the frequency to something in the ultrasonic range.

To begin:

1)\tStart with a frequency that you can hear and configure the app volume.
2)\tIncrease the frequency until you can no longer hear the sound. Children can hear higher frequencies than adults. Do not use 20,000 Hz unless you have to, because some devices will only play sounds up to 18,000 to 19,000Hz. If your dog is not responding to the higher frequency sounds, it is possible that your device is not capable of emitting sounds at that frequency.
3)\tPress and Hold the Blow Whistle button to generate a tone, or select one of the commands from the list. The list includes the following commands: sit, stay, come, lie down, off, stop, leave it, and no. Each command is a sequence of up to four short, medium, or long whistles. The whistle icon indicates that pattern that is blowing so that you can transition from app to a real-world whistle.

How does dog whistle training work?
Generally, before introducing the dog whistle, your dog must already be able respond to your voice commands.

Grab some treats and take your dog to a place with no distractions. When your dog is not paying attention to you, press the Come button and praise your dog when he comes to investigate by giving him a treat. Wait until the dog is no longer paying attention, and repeat the process. Eventually, the dog will learn to come to you when you press the button.

Praise the dog with a treat every time during training. Practice only a few times per session, and change locations for each training session.

After the dog masters the "come" command, begin introducing other commands by verbally saying a command and then pressing the corresponding whistle command.

Dog Whistle Training Tips

Do not over work your dog. Dogs have good days and bad. Keep trying!

Commands such as Come and Sit are easier than others. Start with those first.

Always use positive reinforcement. NEVER use the dog whistle in a negative manner.

Be consistent. Make sure that all humans interacting with the dog train the dog the same way.

Have fun and please be nice to your dog!

By using this app, you agree that the developer is not responsible for any injuries caused by the app. Please use common sense.

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Developer: Colorwork Apps

Genre: Health & Fitness

App version: 1.5

App size: 3.1M

Recent changes: Minor UI improvements
Added Arabic support


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My cat went crazy but my dog did nothing.

This app works my mawmaw has a dog thats a year old and i have a dog thats 16 weeks and they bark at it i just got so now i can start working with my pup.

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