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Front yard landscaping is one of the most difficult challenges facing homeowners. Typical front page is not a place we spend a lot of time, but it is on full display to the public as they walk or drive past our house. Front page design presents an image to the world - or at least the neighborhood - and most of us want it to be attractive, welcoming image.

Too much front page only has a line of bushes to the house and a tree somewhere between home and the road. The rest of the front page is the grass that must be cut every week or two and, possibly, regularly fertilized and reseeded if it will look as good as grass'.

The problem is, many do not know what to do with their front page to make it better. Sure, you can add some more plants, maybe some flowers and other trees, but where to put them? How do you make the front page of something more meaningful than a nice arrangement of plants and grass?

Here are some answers; five great ideas to transform your front yard into a beautiful space, inviting and functional where you will enjoy spending time. Even if it's only when you walk from your car to the front door, you will find a difference in how you feel. In addition, neighbors and guests will see your page and comment. You will soon be the envy of the neighborhood.




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