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Run this app named Divine Pearls or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

It contains Complete Holy Quran, Complete Mafatih, Complete Sahifa Sajjadiya, Complete Sahifa Mahdiya, Prayer time, Hijri Calendar, Rakat Calculator, Azan Notification

Features :
English & Urdu Languages
Big and Clear Indian Style Arabic script
Adjust font size
Prayer time calculation
Qibla Compass
Shia Calendar
Shahadat / Wiladat Notifications
Azan Notification
Rakat & Sajdah Calculator
Installs in SD Card
Includes audio, translation & transliteration of almost everything
Share any content including Arabic
Attractive UI

Your feedback and suggestions will always help us improve.

Contents :
Surahs :
Ayat al-Kursi, Surah A'ala, Surah Ahzab, Surah Dahr, Surah Falaq, Surah Fatehah, Surah Fath, Surah Hashr, Surah Ikhlaas, Surah Jumah, Surah Kafirun, Surah Kausar, Surah Muddassir, Surah Mulk, Surah Munafiqun, Surah Muzzammil, Surah Naas, Surah Naba, Surah Nashrah, Surah Nasr, Surah Qadr, Surah Rahman, Surah Takasur, Surah Talaq, Surah Waqiah, Surah Yasin, Surah Zilzal, Surah Ankaboot, Surah Dukhan, Surah ar Rum


Taaqeebat e Namaz, Namaz e Shab, Namaz e Ja'fare Tayyaar (a.s.), Namaz e Maghferate Waaledain, Namaz e Ghofaylah, Namaz e Wahshat e Qabr, Isteghasah in the presence of Imam e Asr (a.t.f.s.), Namaz of the Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.), Namaz of Hazrat Ali (a.s.), Namaz of Fatemah Zahra (s.a.), Namaz of Imam Hasan (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Husain (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Zainul A'abedeen (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Mohammad Baqir (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Ja'far Sadiq (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Moosa Kazim (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Reza (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Mohammad Taqi (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Ali Naqi (a.s.), Namaz of Imam Hasan Askari (a.s.), Namaz of Imam e Zamana (a.t.f.s.), Namaz of Masjid e Jamkaran, Namaz at the time of Some Need, Tohfa (Gift) Namaz, Namaz of Hadiya for the Holy Imams (a.s.), Namaz for Difficult Times, Namaz at the time of Fear, Namaz for Relief from Pain, Namaz e Maghferat (Seeking Forgiveness), Namaz e Afw (Forgiveness), Namaz e Isteghfar (Repentance), Namaz e Tawbah, Namaz for Increasing Sustenance, Namaz for Gaining Honour and Wealth, Namaz for Travel, Namaz e Nawafil, Namaz after Maghrib, Namaz after Maghrib 1, Namaz of the Sinless, Namaz of Friday, Namaz of Saturday Eve, Namaz of Saturday, Namaz of Sunday Eve, Namaz of Sunday, Namaz of Monday Eve, Namaz of Monday, Namaz of Tuesday Eve, Namaz of Tuesday, Namaz of Wednesday Eve, Namaz of Wednesday, Namaz of Thursday Eve
Namaz of Thursday, Namaz e Shukr (Thankfulness)


Dua e Adeela, Dua e Ahad, Dua e Allahomma Asleh, Dua e Alqamah, Dua e Faraj, Dua e Faraj (Ilahi Azomal Bala), Dua e Ghareeq, Hadeese Kisa, Dua e Hazeen, Dua of Hazrat Mahdi (a.t.f.s.), Dua e Hifz e Eimaan, Dua e Kumail, Dua e Mashlool, Dua e Mazaameene Aaliya, Dua e Mujeer, Naade Ali Sagheer (Short), Dua e Ne'mul Badal, Dua e Noor, Dua e Nudbah, Dua e Sabah, Dua e Sanamay Quraish, Dua e Sariul Ijaabah (Fast accepted), Dua e Simaat, Dua for solving difficulties, Dua e Tawassul, Verses that are recited in Qunoot, Dua e Yastasheer, Dua Abu Hamza Thumali, Dua Iftetah, Dua Jawshane Kabeer, Dua Sad Subhan, Dua Sayfi Al Saghir


Ziyarat e Aale Yaaseen, Ziyarat e Ameenullah, Ziyarat e Arbaeen, Ziyarat e Ashura, Ziyarat e Hazrat Abbas (a.s.), Ziyarat e Hazrat Ali Akbar (a.s.), Ziyarat e Imam Husain (a.s.) 1st Rajab, 15th Rajab & 15th Shabaan, Ziyarat e Imam Reza (a.s.), Ziyarat e Imam Zamana (a.s.), Ziyarat e Jaamea'h Kabeerah, Ziyarat e Jaamea'h Sagheerah, Ziyaraat of Masoomeen (a.s.) for the days of the week, Ziyarat e Nahiya, Ziyarat e Shohada e Karbala, Ziyarat e Taziyah (Condolence), Ziyarat e Warisa, Ziyarat Al Haqq Al Jadeed


Aamal e Ashura, Aamal e Arbaeen, Aamal of 15 Sha'aban, Aamal e Ghadeer, Aamaal for the month of Ramadhan (COMPLETE chapter of Ramadhan ul Mubarak from Mafatih al Jinan, Aamal of Friday (Jumah) (Complete chapter from Mafatih), Aamal of Mahe Rajab (Complete chapter from Mafatih)


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Genre: Books & Reference

App version: 15.0

App size: 37M

° Added Dua e Sabasab
° Added Nade Ali Kabeer
° Azan play issue in some handsets fixed

Crash & Bug fixed
Added Hijri date adjustment
Added 5 different Prayer time calculation method
Calendar date issue fixed


Very useful. Arabic font is very good, and reasonable size. Rakat counter is extremely useful, but I believe it's only available on Android. Salat times is useful as well.

Please update the app add option for 5 times azan... also when you open the app after phone restart it starts the azan automatically.. fix this bug. Thanks also Please add option for quran in arabic with urdu translation.

The best app ever. Never see any ads. Anything you need is in this app. Keep on working on updates. I never have any issue with this app. I know some people do but sometimes it is due to phones too. May Allah reward you with the best in this world and the hereafter. You have done a wonderful job. Thank you, shukran, merci, gracias,...

I am an American revert from Texas. This app goes above and beyond my expectations. I will explore this app for many moons to come. I am beyond humbled by your efforts. I am really good at reading and reciting English Translit, and the fact that he is reciting slow enough for me to get the pronunciation correct is amazing. His recitation alone is enough to pour tears from my eyes. May the blessings of Allah be upon you, may Allah hasten the reappearance of our Precious Imam Al-Mahdi.

Excellent App. I use it daily. However there is one essential change that is required, since the last update is over two years ago. When reading the Quran I'd like 1. Landscape mode, for better reading on a tablet 2. Can we have Quran verse and translation on the same page 3. Better bookmarks for daily reading of the Quran"