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Dinosaur Bubble Pop Simulator

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Amazing 2014 bubble popper! Big dinosaur puzzle game for kids free! Enjoy Dinosaur Bubble Pop Simulator an extra fun match mania and play a colorful and challenging puzzle quest in an arcade mode like time competition. Unlock unique and original prizes and pop many bubbles of many colors for free! Kids, toddlers and babies will love to play this easy bubble popper adventure.

Dinosaur Bubble Pop Simulator is an original bubble popper classic game for kids, that is free to play and is compatible with smartphones and tablets. Touch your screen and pop, pop, pop! Eliminate multiple dinosaurs in bubbles of many colors in a cute bubble popper game that is very easy and a lot of fun!

Pop bubbles of pink, green, purple and yellow happy dinosaurs in an island with volcanic activity! Dinosaur Bubble Pop Simulator is an exciting game for young kids and can be played with parents making a great family game that is entertaining and challenging. Parents can talk about dinosaurs and make this game a full learning experience! Explore the past with your kids and have a great time while popping bubbles in this matching dinosaur adventure.

Unlock mystery treasures and bonus gifts as you play in this dinosaur adventure game and share your dinosaur size score on Google+, Twitter and Facebook with easy to use social features and master this bubble popper game for free! Compete in this prehistoric dinosaur puzzle against time and pop as many bubbles as you can to unlock the bonuses! Dinosaur Bubble Pop Simulator offers these and more incredible bonus features to come in the future! Play this perfect bubble popping game with your kids and have a great time for free!

Dinosaur Bubble Pop Simulator

* Pop bubbles of diverse colors with happy dinosaurs of pink, green, yellow and purple colors. Play in a dinosaur era background in a prehistoric island with volcanic blasts and travel to the distant past with your kids and babies! Perfect way to tell a dinosaur story while popping bubbles away!
* Exciting animations for kids as you pop the dinosaur bubbles with motivating sounds
* Unlock winning bonuses as you drive your score up the stats. Unlock the ancient jewels of the dinosaurs!
* Fun puzzle game for kids free to play with match game style and a dinosaur bubble popper attitude
* Share your score with your family and post high scores with amazing social features on Twitter, Facebook and Google+




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