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Designing a bedroom is easy. Each room has its own characteristics depending on the occupants. Parent's room is different from a child's room. Likewise girls 'rooms and boys' rooms. This application will provide details of children's room design especially girls.
Girls' rooms are generally more aesthetically pleasing than men, so the following general things need to be considered before designing.


Is the core point before designing. Royal princess themes, favorite cartoons, dolls or flowers are usually dominantly chosen by girls.


Color plays an important role in determining 'life' or not the room. Choose cheerful colors like pink, yellow, orange navy or combine to make them look alive.


Customize furniture with the theme of the room. To make it easier, buy a 1-set package consisting of a bed, a cupboard, a study table / dresser and a drawer. Just need to add a little touch to reinforce the theme.

Decoration / Makeup

Aiming to reinforce the theme. For example by adding wall wallpaper or special stickers in the closet. This method is practical and profitable because it can be replaced when you get bored.

Girls generally have a more calm and submissive nature they will tend to follow your wishes. Even so, invite your little daughter to discuss the above matters and arrange the room for more fun.

Minimalist girl's bedroom
Broad limitations are not an obstacle to obtaining a comfortable and elegant room design. It's just a matter of tricks to create a wider illusion, space saving and furniture to store things creatively. The key is in room arrangement, coloring, lighting, furniture and accessories selection. In an instant a minimalist room will be different.


Rooms with limited land should not use many colors. This only makes it look narrower and denser. Use neutral colors such as white, pastel, light blue and cream on the walls of the room. Not only soothing, these colors proved to have a broad effect on a room.


Choose one theme, for example Hello Kitty. Soft pink color combined with white is still suitable for minimalist rooms.

Give a touch of the pattern to the carpet, bed cover, or curtain to turn it on. If you still don't add wallpaper or wall makeup.


It is important to take into account the size of furniture such as cabinets, study / dressing tables, and beds for minimalist rooms. Do not let the size of the bed take up most of the room. Choose a single bed. There is no need to buy a bed with many ornaments that are difficult to clean, slide or move. Get the bed to the wall to save space.

The advantage of single beds is that the design is timeless so that it can still be used even though the child has grown up.


Good lighting helps make the room look spacious. Even though it looks interesting, avoid the use of lights like in a discotheque which will only make the room look narrow. Remove the dark parts of the room with enough light from inside or outside. Sunlight besides healthy also helps kill germs and bacteria in the room.


Put the mirror / size is large enough, for example the size of 50x75 cm on the wall of the bedroom. Mirrors are often used in interiors to make room illusions appear larger.

Sliding door

Use a normal sliding door replacement door. This door model creates a broad impression because when opening or closing the door does not take place.

Color Selection
Choosing the right color will affect the appearance of the room. Neutral colors are very suitable to be applied in all types of rooms including bedrooms, including white, beige, light blue, pastel, soft pink, and soft peach. Choose a color according to the theme and personality of the child, if necessary invite your child to discuss to understand their desires.

Boys are generally more active and cheerful. Color selection must be selective. The following are some of the most commonly used paint color combinations of boys' bedrooms reported from a wall paint site.

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