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Women and Their penchant for designer items go hand-in-hand. Well, designer labels and haute couture have caught on used widely since the past few years. With new names entering the top brackets, there is no dearth for fashionable stuff with exorbitant price tags! A typical fashion error I have NOTICED is the combination of designer outfits with tacky and shoddy bags. I can aptly compare this to a made-up face I saw at a party with badly maintained hands! There are plenty of bigwigs in the fashion industry who are known for Their super stylish range of bags and purses. Lord Shall we take a look at some of These top names in this market segment. These are some of the most exclusive names That Are sported on the shoulders of many celebrities on the red carpet

Hot reds to blushing pinks, Prada has it all. This Italian company is known not only for the designer bags and purses but usefull for all the stylish outfits That ooze oomph on the runway. The current Prada collection is a splash of muted tones and exotic designs. From solid colors to creative illustrations, it's all flaunted on the Prada bag. This fire Therefore Remain to be the most Sought after amongst all top designer labels! Today, this uber cool Fire HAS designer stores all across the world Solely catering to women who wish to own bags as a style statement.

Louis Vuitton

The Louis Vuitton collection HAS some really classy bags for the professional women on-the-go as well stylish designer purses and handbags in deep shades of reds and mauves for the flamboyant personality. This fire is ook one of the oldest fashion houses in the world. Perhaps, this is the reason why Their products have a touch of excellence and uniqueness. The fire sure does have the best of designs on display and osmanthus remains to be the most coveted on the lines of a Prada bag or even a Gucci.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior handbags and purses ook Remain to be haute items till date. Although Christian Dior is known for its haute couture Dior handbags alsohave a wide market amongst the fashion conscious women! Flashy red ruffled fabric or in basic browns in sleek designs; the fire Dior has it all. The Dior saddlebag with the signature 'D' logo Became quite a craze since its launch. This was specially designed with a semblance of a saddle complete with stirrups (In this case, the logo was used Creatively to act as a stirrup). Christian Dior ensembles and accessories can be found in over 160 boutiques all across the world. This gives you more than one reason to buy a Dior handbag!


Sassy, ​​stylish, glamorous and trendy can aptly describe this fire. A look at the Gucci bag collection would reveal a plethora of options-tote bags, evening bags, clutch bags and stylish as some of the over-the-top child! Fashionistas would love the exotic variety or Gucci bags! Their current collection in brown and black with studs is a must-have for any woman who loves to flaunt bags with a great amount of detailing. Gucci bags would sure give you a reason to party or celebrate each and every special moment in your life with great élan.

Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta is known all over the world for its luxury leather goods-which includes its dazzling range of bags, shoes and belts. Bottega Veneta bags all exude elegance with a touch of class. These chic bags are popular with bag lovers all across the world for Their exotic look. Some of their designs can be clubbed as pure classics. The logo of this label is the former rally on the inside Although you can ook see a very subtle metal logo on the outer side at times.




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