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Denounce Your Pollution

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Download this app named Denounce Your Pollution - Ecology.

An application that balances visual pollution, waste left in the nature by unscrupulous polluters who damage and destroy our environment.

(bottle, paper, glass, plastic, wild dump, incivility ...)

What can be done on our scale to help our planet? Denounce this pollution simply! Fight for and the environment.

The only way is to raise the awareness of the majority of the population that the situation of our planet has arrived at a critical stage, that pollution is everywhere in the environment already at a very advanced stage unfortunately.

Denounce polluted places, abrasive situations related to pollution, help the environment and ecology.

Balance your pollution is an application that allows you to broadcast photos and geolocated pollution.

The whistleblowers will publish (swing) images of waste and comment on their pollution to inform people of their situations in the manner of a journalist ecologist.

Later we will make a global map for may be trying to alert the politicians on this topic more than serious and help our environment.

Libra your pollution has a cat to discuss but also to express on this important subject, ecology.

Locate waste, wild dumps through GPS for later use.

I created this application because I live in the countryside, I am a sinner, mushroom picker and I am often very angry and sad to see so much waste in nature.

If this application can change the mentality of some people, to allow to become aware of the situation I would be very happy.

Please do not leave waste in the nature, I guess your mom educate you well so even if you do not live the place respect the planet, put your garbage in the trash !!!! THANK YOU for the ecology




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