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The Defender App is the app companion for Browning Defender Series of cameras.
Utilizing BLE and WiFi to connect to the camera, you can now preview and download crisp 20MP images and full HD quality videos to the mobile phone or tablet without disturbing the camera in the field.
You can also change camera settings, and have a live preview image from the camera, right in the palm of your hand.

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Developer: Browning Trail Cameras

Genre: Sports

App version:

App size: 142M

Recent changes: Fix Android 10 issue


I bought the camera for the mobile app features but the app is horrible. You have to connect first via Bluetooth for some functions and then have to switch to WiFi to view and download images. WiFi switching gets stuck and then fails even though checking the WiFi connection from my phone says it's connected. When trying to download pics you get an error. Read the reviews in the app store. It's a shame they haven't done anything to correct it.

Beware. This app is so bad it renders the cameras nearly useless. Sometimes it fails outright and just simply won't work no matter how many times you close the app and restart. Even when it works, it is very hard to get it to connect, buggy as hell, clumsy and confusing. And the range is pitiful. You have to be on top of the camera in any case, so you might as well read the SD card directly. Pulling it out of the camera would be faster. But worst of all, the cameras themselves largely depend on this terrible app to adjust settings, so it isn't even like the app and wifi are useless. The cameras themselves are too. Don't buy these cameras, and if you do, don't say you weren't warned.

Ok heres why you're not hooking up to camera with phone. I had the same problem. When hooking into the camera, turn your DATA OFF and just have the wifi on. I cleared my storage in the app also though not sure I needed to. Hooked up great 8 out of 8 times. Now that I got it hooking up, I hung it in woods. Used live view to point camera where I wanted to. Love it. Haven't checked range yet but, did I say, I LOVE IT !!!

`The heading titles are in poor English. Ex. "No Connected" It is difficult to understand if the device is connected or not due to the improper use of terms. My phone shows wifi connection to the camera, but the app doesn't recognize it being connected. The tabs used when connected via WiFi stay locked, ie unable to access. The heading at the top reads "Disconnect". Are you asking me too or do you mean "Disconnected"? Browning, fire the guy that used the cheap third world app developers.`,

Total gahbage. Messed with this app for over a year. Non intuitive, glitchy, and rarely works. I find if you approach your camera with Bluetooth, wifi, and GPS all on it will work sometimes with limited trouble. Installing and reinstalling app helps sometimes too. By the time you get the thing to connect you could have pulled your chip, read it, and been done. Since you have to be a few feet away for it to connect ever, it makes no difference anyway. Bummer.'