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EasySense2 will capture, display and analyse data from Data Harvest Smart Wireless sensors and data loggers. EasySense2 is available on all desktop computers, phones and tablets.

EasySense2 is compatible with the following data capture devices*:
All Smart Wireless sensors

EasySense2 is the most advanced educational scientific data capture and analysis software for Data Harvest products. EasySense2 will connect to data loggers and Smart Wireless sensors using Bluetooth, USB or Wi-Fi (subject to support on your data logger or Smart Wireless sensor). Recording from more than one device is now possible leading to endless possibilities and configurations and providing you with the ultimate flexibility.

Einige der wichtigsten Funktionen sind:
Capture data from multiple devices at the same time
Share live experiment data to other EasySense2
Run manager easily turn on and off experiment runs to compare your data
Simple recording modes just press record and stop when you want
Multi display combine multiple data views of your captured data series
Data views available: line graphs, gauges, numbers and bar charts
Simultaneously display up to 4 customisable chart layouts
Import and merge multiple files and data sets from devices
Simple axis selection allows easy XY plots
Analysis tools include:
+ Values
+ Area
+ Farbverlauf
+ Difference
+ XY Crosshair
Calculations enhanced tools to perform mathematical operations on recorded data
Logging modes: Continuous recording, Snapshot and Timing
Import supported experiment files (.ssl) from EasySense1 into EasySense2
Export data in CSV file format

*Please ensure your data logger and Smart Wireless sensors have the latest firmware installed to ensure compatibility with EasySense 2. Firmware updates can be found on the relevant product page by visiting www.data-harvest.co.uk.

New features are continually being developed and released through automatic app updates.

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