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Ever played a game where apart from racing to be first, you also have to dodge or avoid Extreme Obstacles whose aim is to make you loose by placing last?
This game, Dodge Extreme Racing, allows you to do just that. It includes racing in these main levels;

Traffic & Road blocks:
In this first main level, you get to avoid incoming traffic. In doing so, also dodge diverse road blocks. You have to do this at the same time trying to be first in finishing.

This is the next main level. There isn't any Traffic here. But junkyard obstacles will come in your way to block you. Also, you have to maneuver narrow paths successfully, else you get dashed into the water. It is not joke in this level. It gets harder as you progress.

Over here, you get to use Supercars available. Do not get too excited already as you will be faced with obstacles in the desert to prevent you from placing first. Your opponents will not take it easy on you at all. You will come across helicopters which will drop obstacles to hinder your flow.

Finish playing the game and you realize how exciting it is.

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