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write down all the good moments of your life in a nice diary app with multiple pictures and videos above, below and in between your text!
cheer up your day by browsing some of your previous memories in a timeline, at random, filtered by category or similar dates
tag and sort your notes, making it super easy to find back a particular memory and share it with your friends and family!
calendar stats to see your happiest days of each month at a glance
share your best memories of the year
customize your texts with more than 80 different fonts, change the text color and size, and write text in fett und kursiv
protect your private memories with a password
12 color themes to customize the app and dark theme to comfortably write your memories at night, before going to sleep
keep your memories always present with the customizable widgets and reminders
automatic online backups to keep your memories always safe, even when changing phones

Life is mostly awesome, but we easily forget it. This Jar of Awesome app is a mindfulness diary for you to write down all those everyday events that made you feel good, that you are grateful for, that made you smile and brightened your day, so that you are more aware of them both when they happen and later when you recall them again while browsing all the notes in your jar. Pay more attention to your life and don't let your good memories fade away so fast!

The idea behind the jar of awesome, or happines jar, would be an empty physical jar that you fill up with pieces of paper on which you write your happy memories. Many people do this at the beginning of the year, so that at the end of the year, or when the jar is full, they can turn it upside down and check all the notes inside. But why check it so sparsely when you can recall your memories every day?

Here's why this digital jar of memories can be more convenient and fun:

this Jar is always with you, available all the time, wherever you are. You don't have to wait until you get back home to find pen and paper and write down your memories. Save them in colourful notes with pictures as soon as they happen or before sleeping while making balance of the day.

cheer up your day by bringing back some of your previous memories in a timeline, be surprised at random, or filter them by categories or a similar date: do you remember what happened to you one, two, three months ago? One year ago? The more notes you write every day, the more useful the Jar of Awesome will prove to you!

keep your life memories fresh at all times: set an awesome widget in your phone's homescreen that shows all your favourite moments, or get reminders from time to time displaying the notes of your choice. And if you are afraid you will forget to write down your memories, you can also get a reminder for that!

sort your notes by date and into categories, and tag them with keywords so later you can easily find the memories you are looking for - and share them with your friends and family!

check the stats to know which categories contain your most awesome memories. Know yourself better!

protect your most intimate memories with the private mode, locking them with a password

Keep adding notes to the jar and you'll be surprised at the huge amount of good memories that you have now that otherwise you'd probably have dismissed already. In fact, if you turn writing down your memories into a habit, like a happiness diary or a five minute journal, you will notice how every day you are looking for more awesome things to add to the jar, making yourself more aware of your surroundings, the people you interact with, and all the smiles that you give, living every day in a more optimistic, meaningful and mindful way.

Enjoy the Jar of Awesome, and cherish the good moments of your life :)

Berechtigungen: Jar of Awesome needs Storage permissions to link images from your phone, and Internet permissions to link online images and do the online backup

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