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Sacred coinS is a 2-D, endless runner, platformer game. You control a female character as she runs and jumps on platforms collecting coins & Sacred coinS. The visuals for this game are a combination of photography and illustration, based on real people.

*NB: We want to put real people in games. Currently we are developing an algorithm that will be able to capture content using the camera from your mobile device, interpret and isolate desired player content, animate and instantiate resolved visuals for various player states such as running, jumping and idle.

Sacred coinS:
\tA fun and endless platformer!
\tExciting NEW visual art style.
\tSimplified player control: Tap to jump, double tap to double jump.
\tRun & jump from platform to platform as you collect coins.

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For Sacred coinS we have combined illustrations and photos to create the games unique aesthetic. First we shot small videos of character running, jumping and a few other actions. Next we split the chosen 1-2 second video frames into individual images in Photoshop. To capture authentic and fluid character movements we used rotoscoping (an animation technique whereby animators trace over motion picture footage, frame by frame, to produce realistic action). We went on to scan and clean the drawings, and then we stitched them back into frame sequences.

This process is long and tedious and that is why we are working on an algorithm that will automatically execute all processes directly from your mobile device. We are currently in the early stages of our innovation but we are making steady progress.

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Sacred coinS beta was created by a young couple from Botswana, in Africa: Mr. Elton G. P. Seleka (@eltonseleka) & Ms. Keneilwe P. Batlanang (@glambykenny). He has a background in architecture and she has one in accounting.

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If you have any ideas on how we can improve our game, please let us know. :-)

Send an e-mail to the developer: eltonseleka@hotmail.com
, or leave your comment about the game on Google Play: https://bit.ly/2HOIdHI

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