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Do you want to feel the adrenaline as a participant of a famous tv quiz and become a millionaire? - Then our Millionaire trivia game is for you!

Millionaire - is an exciting and intellectual game by motives of a popular TV quiz show, where you have to answer 15 questions.
Each question has 4 possible answers, only one of which is correct. At any time you can stop and pick up the money. An incorrect answer will reduce your winnings to the nearest achieved "fireproof" sum (1000, 32000 of virtual dollars). Three clues can help you on this difficult way: Help from the audience, -2 wrong answers and change the question.

Play online and compete with players from around the world: who will take the highest step of the podium and become the smartest Millionaire?

Our trivia game will provide you a great amount of questions: from the most simple and funny to incredibly tricky and demanding the encyclopedic knowledge!

We hope that our game will bring you great, pleasure and benefit (like erudition and education), and not just waste your time!

And after playing our Millionaire quiz game if suddenly somebody ask "Who wants to be a millionaire?" - answer boldly "I am!"

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