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Why Deep Sleep and Meditation
Do you suffer from insomnia? Do you want to calm your stress and anxiety?

Relax and sleep with 20 scientifically proven sleep sounds that help you control your sleep, soothe your stress and prevent tinnitus and tinnitus. Create your own mixes using sounds of nature, calming sounds.

Why Sounds Help Sleep and Meditation
it continues to perceive sounds in your brain even while asleep. So disturbing noises like dog barking and car horns can wake you up or cause a nightmare. Sleep Sounds calms your brain and suppresses unwanted noises. It helps you not only to fall asleep, but also to stay asleep and focus to meditate.

Sleep Sounds Can Help You:
- To prevent insomnia and fall asleep easily
- Relax and soothe stress and anxiety
- Preventing sounds that interrupt sleep, sleep uninterruptedly
- To increase your focus
- Adding sounds to your meditation
- Calming sounds
- To concentrate

Sounds for sleep and meditation

- sounds of nature
- sounds of water

Deep sleep and meditation Features
- Free
- Premium and clear relaxing sounds for sleep
- Perfekt zum Meditieren
- Funktioniert ohne Internet
- Entspannen und schlafen

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