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DAG MGF Maintenance Manual

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Digital Auto Guides®, MGF Maintenance Manual is an electronic manual and reference for the MGF series sports car. The guide covers all MGF Models (Mark I, Mark II and EXF) from 1995 to 2002.

Digital Auto Guides® is a family of electronic guides for classic and vintage automobiles for the enthusiast who enjoys working on their own cars. The concept is a ‘mash-up’ of both the operations and service manuals of yesterday, with today’s advanced mobile electronic and Internet based technologies. In addition a whole suite of features helps you maintain and manage your achievements.

Within the service guides, comprehensive step-by-step instructions and illustrations are given on all dismantling, overhauling and assembling operations. Throughout the apps, hints and tips are included which will be found invaluable. A full set of capabilities will help you in managing the various tasks and projects needed to maintain your car in optimal condition.

Whilst every care has been taken to ensure correctness of information it is obviously not possible to guarantee complete freedom from errors or to accept liability arising from such errors or omissions. While we use the most advanced computer systems to convert the paper manuals and extensive proofreading, some errors do appear.

Instructions may refer to the righthand or lefthand sides of the vehicle or the components. These are the same as the righthand or lefthand of an observer standing behind the car and looking forward.

This application contains the same content as the paper manual but in addition has a number of enhanced features not available in a paper book. Amongst these are:

• Available on the go for all the popular mobile devices
• Rapid search using keywords to get you to the exact subject
• Hypertext linked subjects and content
• A place to document your cars history
• A means to log all of your fuel consumption and automatically calculate fuel efficiency
• The ability to determine which maintenance is due by distance and keep track of your progress and costs
• Manage your projects and how much you have improved your car and when
• Showing exactly when and how much you spent repairing and improving your car by subject area/date in order to determine its value
• The ability to use all of these features on numerous devices and store the data automatically in the Dropbox™ Cloud for security and shared access
• Use of your collected data in other applications such as spreadsheets and e-Mail

All of the features are available for each car you have purchased the Digital Auto Guides for. There is no limit to how many cars or devices you may wish to use the application for (a separate license is required for each platform or if you use a different account for the same platform for numerous devices).


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