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What is Curb™?

Curb™ controls phone functionality when traveling at speeds deemed unsafe for phone distractions. The full extent of what Curb can do is demonstrated by linking two phones. Linking allows Curb Pro™ (the admin app, usually owned by a parent or employer) to control and communicate with the basic Curb app. The admin can independently choose to set texting, phone calls, or app usage to “Allowed”, “Notify”, or “Blocked”.

The “Notify” setting becomes available once Curb™ is linked to Curb Pro™.

The basic App: Curb™

The basic app (Curb™) turns off selected functionality when the chosen speed threshold (driving or walking) is surpassed. The user selects the functionality (Texting, Phone Calls, All Apps) they want disabled. This app can be used by itself or be linked with up to two admin apps, which then control of the settings of the basic app.

The Admin (Parent / Employer) App: Curb Pro™

Curb Pro™ is an admin app that can be linked to four basic apps in order to control their settings. This app was designed for parents and employers in order to restrict and monitor their children or employees from smart phone distractions while driving or walking. The settings for each linked phone is customizable for the needs of that individual.

Example: Two parents restrict their 13 year old from texting and using apps (games) at walking speeds in order to protect them while riding a bike or skateboarding. They also restrict their 17 year old from texting and phone calls while driving a car.

Note that Curb™ never restricts calls to 911, or calls to and from the admin phones.

How is Curb™ different from other apps that claim to prevent texting while driving?

1) Curb™ works!

Curb™ actually prevents selected functionality while driving. Curb™ releases a driver only after they have been stopped for about 70 seconds, so the driver does not learn to text at stop lights and intersections.

2) Curb™ easily allows a monitored driver to use the phone when they are a passenger.

A monitored driver is given the privilege of pledging that they are a passenger. When the pledge is made, Curb™ sends a notification to the admin app (Curb Pro™) showing when and where the monitored driver pledged that they were a passenger.

Other products use a "demand" approach which requires the admin to respond to each driver request in real time. The pledge and notify feature provides the admin with the ability to verify that their driver has acted responsibly, while avoiding conflicts that arise when a driver expects the admin to immediately respond to requests every time they are a passenger. If the notifications reveal that the driver has been pledging inappropriately, the app can be set to not allow pledges (“Notify” is changed to “Blocked”). Phone calls to and from the admin phone and to 911 are never blocked for any setting.

3) Curb™ is simple to use and is completely PRIVATE.

No information is exchanged over the web or communicated to the designers of Curb™. Curb™ requires no data or Wi-Fi to operate except by Curb Pro™ to display a map showing where a monitored driver pledged that they where a passenger. How a family or employer chooses to use Curb™ is known only within their linked network.

4) Curb™ detects tampering and unintentional setting changes.

Curb™ will detect phone changes that could cause the app to be disabled and automatically notifies the admin app of the issue. Examples: The driver links to an improper admin, the driver turns off location, the app is uninstalled or app settings are cleared.

5) The admin never touches the monitored driver’s phone.

All functional control is administered via an easy to use interface with Curb Pro™. The admin will never need to touch a monitored driver's phone or install passwords.




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