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Let us get cooking with these fun new recipes that we have our hands on. The Ingredients are all prepared in your pantry so you will not have to worry about missing anything. The girl will be instructing you all throughout the baking process so you cannot make any mistakes even if you wanted to. This way, the cupcakes will turn out to be delicious and soft.

Open up the cake mix pack and add it into a bowl to get things moving. Then you will be adding the water and a little bit of oil, some eggs, then mix them all up with the fancy mixer you got sitting on the counter. This will be the base of the cupcakes from which you will have to bake them later.

For now, you will also need to open up the marshmallow pack and see what must be done with them. Proceed the same way and cut open the Toffee bites, chocolates and coconut shaving as you will do something great with all these sweet ingredients. By pouring them into the cupcake mix, you will give them a nice flavor as well as some texture because in every bite you will get a little bit of each.

Mix all the ingredients together and then start pouring it into the molds and bake them in the oven. By the time you get them out, you will have some amazing cupcakes waiting for you to decorate them. Pick the one you wish to decorate and then begin adding some awesome stuff to it. You can change the icing on top, the color of the cupcake, add some sprinkles and many more. Free your imagination and begin to create the most visually appealing cupcakes after you are done baking them.

All throughout the gameplay, you will be able to enjoy:
-The multiple stages of the game
-The lovely graphics and background music
-A hands-on baking experience
-The freedom to decorate the cupcakes yourself
-Plenty of cooking techniques learned




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