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Cryptogram Quest

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Run this app named Cryptogram Quest or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Includes cryptograms!

This app has the option to enter your own cryptograms, or type in plain text then scramble it into a cryptogram.

Has frequency analysis so you can see how many times each encrypted character appears in the puzzle. I.E. There are 27 Q's (view as a number or a percentage)

Preferences page to allow you to turn on and off certain features, such as auto advance to next character, vibrate, mark the spaces between words, and more

Has an undo button, and hints!

No ads, and it's 100 percent free!

Please email me with suggestions, and feedback. I have spent a lot of time creating this app, and I hope it exceeds your expectations. Please give me suggestions if you have any.

Cryptograms are a type of logic puzzle, or a word puzzle. Solving a cryptogram is a very basic form of code breaking. Breaking codes is a great mind game. Use for knowledge of English to solve the code. Get the gears in your mind turning as you evaluate each code, and decipher the code to the original message!

Cryptograms are a simple message, where each letter in the alphabet is disguised as another letter. For instance each A is turned into Q, each B is turned into R. After all 26 letters have been reassigned, the plain message now looks unreadable. ACP may be the code for THE. It is the code breakers job to discover what the original message is. You can do it!
A = F
B = Z
C = D
D = Y
E = P
F = K
G = X
H = C
I = W
J = J
K = T
L = E
M = U
N = I
O = V
P = L
Q = H
R = S
S = G
T = A
U = M
V = N
W = B
X = O
Y = R
Z = Q

The column on the left is your FROM, this is the english, the column on the right is the TO, this is the code! The word DOG is encoded as YVX

Using your knowledge of how language works, if you see a one letter word, you can expect it to an A or an I, that's the easy part! so you select that one letter word, which as a code could be anything A-Z. Then change it to an A or an I. After pressing submit you will see the A or I appear above the coded letter. Next, move onto two letter words, TO BE OR AN AT IT etc, look for clues, if you see X'R that could very well be I'M. Keep experimenting, and watch for new words to appear elsewhere.

When you change A = Q for instance, all of the A letters in the puzzle are turned into Q.

Have fun!

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Developer: Doodled during class, so here I am