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Run this app named CPU Info or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Have you ever wondered what's inside your phone? Ever wondered which apps are hogging memory?

Kritikal Appz has the app for you!

Check your CPU information using /proc/cpuinfo, a file that details what kind of CPU your phone has.

Check what processes are running in the background with top. Choose the max number of processes to display, the number of seconds to wait in between updates, the column to sort by (CPU, VSS, RSS, THR), and whether to show threads in addition to processes (this can be quite processor intensive, not recommended on older devices!).

Now with the latest 1.1 update, CPU Info can run ps! Check an individual process by package name or process ID to query its behavior.

Android top guide:

PID - Process ID

CPU% - CPU Usage

S - State, R=Running, S=Sleeping

#THR - Number of threads

PCY - Policy, FG=Foreground (cannot be killed), BG=Background (may be killed)

UID - Name of the user that started the task

Name - Package name of the app

VSS - Virtual Set Size, virtual memory associated with the process.

RSS - Resident Set Size, number physical pages are associated with the process.

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Developer: Kritikal Appz

Recent changes: Formatting issues with CPU tab