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Full-blown, real-time card battles!!!

* Game Features
- Real-time PvP card battles, not old-fashioned, turn-based card battles!
- A fast-paced game that could never be experienced in traditional card games!
- Unique strategies that can only be seen in real-time card battles!
- Excitement and suspense that can only be provided by real-time card battles!
- Five factions, each with fascinating attributes!
- Create your own strategies by combining heroes and strategic cards from a total of 220 cards!!

* Overview of the World
The creator and king of the Divine, Luoja, has concluded that Mortals professed to worship him and the Divine but didn’t wish to live as he intended, so he has declared the world to doom.
Some of the Divine (Odin, Machina Gabriel, Angra Mainyu and Leviathan) granted strength to Mortals who wished to fight for their world and made them into Contractors, and together they defied Luoja.
Become a Contractor and protect the world!!
The Heroes sent by the Divine and summoned from other worlds are awaiting your command!




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