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Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker) Download

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Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker)

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Run this app named Contraction Timer for labor(Checker/Tracker) or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Contractions Timer is a complement to the existing other contraction timer app inconveniences.
When shrinking or painful, come start timer. we'll analyze the data and tell you if it's dangerous.

<< Function >>
1. Pain input function
-. Provides 10-step pain input using pain assessment scale.

2. Modifications/additions
-. Provides modifications/additions for previous Contractions.

3. Easy input function
-. Easy input via Notification bar.

4. Function to judge the risk
-. Provides five levels of risk information by analyzing data.

5. Contraction frequency chart
-. Provides a chart of the frequency of contraction over time.

6. True/False labor check(Only when the app is running.)
-. Notification, when if your contractions is true labor.

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Developer: Sul-A-AB

Genre: Medical

App version: 1.8.2

App size: 15M


`The timer does its job beautifully. Easy to use and adjust if needed. What knocked off two stars was the language used in the app. It uses words like "danger!" In bright red. "Prepare for hospitalization!

And "it's time to go to the hospital!" NOTHING about closer contractions are necessarily dangerous and the use of emergency language is unnecessarily alarming. If I used this for my first pregnancy, this would cause more problems than good. Devs, please consider educating your language.`,

Love everything about this app so far. I can track the intervals between each contraction, how long they last, and have a wide selection of intensities to choose from. It even alerts me when my contractions are getting really close together. Super helpful for a first time mom! I wish the charts were easier to read though, since that's one of the main features I was looking forward to using on this app. But the home screen is layed out nicely and easy to read.

I love all the features in this app! Ill start with my favorite feature: The banner on the pull-down menu which allows you to press start and stop when you have a contraction. This is so great because when you have a contraction the last thing you want to do is fumble with your phone looking for the app to start tracking so being able to do it even with a locked phone is awesome. It also lets you adjust the time of the contraction, the lenght, the pain level and it even lets you add notes.

Everything works most of the time, but of the app is running for too long it can get glitchy. I love that you can add missed contractions. The app loads too slowly to catch all of the contractions; and the notifications bar widget works unless it's been up for too long and as I said, it can get glitchy.

Having some sort of guide for the safety/normal/caution ratings on the contractions would make the app more clear. I can't figure out how they help, so I've been ignoring them and following my doctor's advice. Other than that, I love that it allows me to time from the notification bar and lock screen. Makes timing them so much easier, especially since they are still so random. The pain scale is also nice, I've been wanting a way to track that."