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Existing Social Media channels arent versatile and users have no choice but to use different channels for specific needs. CoNnEcTd was developed as a one-in-all app where you can do everything that you do on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Tinder, Snapchat, and Twitter plus some of their unique features.

CoNnEcTd is a dynamic app that fulfills all your needs personal, professional, and general. At the same time, it also serves as a matchmaking and dating app. What you get on CoNnEcTd, you don't get elsewhere. We give you something that no app can give you. Here, you get a guaranteed match.
CoNnEcTd is a versatile app that is human-centric, easy to operate, and with a seamless interface. Your chats have 3 different categories - Personal, Professional & Public. The chats meant for specific contacts will be visible only to those who fall in that particular category; your other contacts will be completely unaware of that specific content.

CoNnEcTd creates a 3D profile of users unlike Tinder or similar apps that hugely improves your chances of getting a compatible match. Users will not only get a guaranteed match, but the dream match that every dating app talks about, but never gives. CoNnEcTd is different It walks its talk.
Matches arent restricted to your physical appearance but are truly compatible taking your specific nature, hobbies, family background, your educational background, and your mindset too into consideration. God makes matches in heaven; CoNnEcTd makes that possible for you.

Once you board in CoNnEcTd, just forget about your privacy concerns, because we do that for you 24/7- even while you are sleeping.
CoNnEcTd provides round-the-clock counseling by trained professionals, and psychiatrists on almost every topic such as depression, breakup, loss of a job, mental health issues, career guidance, and mentoring.

7 reasons why youll love CoNnEcTd:

- Find your friend/soulmate: You have been looking for ages, but havent found one.
-Find dates/matches: Get a guaranteed match for a casual or long-term relationship.
-Counseling /Mentoring: The only social channel that gives round-the-clock counseling on every topic.
- Professional Opportunities: Grow your network; find exciting jobs, connections, post/read reviews.
- Business news: Share Blogs, articles and write your own posts
- Create Community: You can post short videos like on TikTok, grow the community, create followers.
- Social networking: Create your own profile & fan Page & highlight your skillset.

CoNnEcTd App Features:

Search friends, and professionals using the most dynamic network
Use your CoNnEcTd profile as a resume
Three different chat categories personal, professional, and public
Friend alerts notify you when someone sends you a request
Hide contents meant for your personal contacts from professional contacts & vice versa
Follow professionals & business owners to see updates & activities
Build a professional network by connecting with meaningful contacts & find experts
Use your profile, and content to become an influencer or a brand
Post Articles, blogs, or Stories
Read business news for every industry in your feed
Share articles/blogs with the CoNnEcTd community, and your professional contacts
Write your own posts/pictures & share them with your network

Find dates for casual, or long-term relationship
Matches are 5 dimensional-looks, family, hobbies, education, emotional quotient(EQ)
Join vibrant communities, and groups that share and value your goals
Import your contacts to grow your network
Connect to the professionals network from within your field

Wish to make the most of ConnEcTd? Join us, and upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools.

We ask for a few questions when you use this app. Heres why:

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Developer: RKing Industries Pvt Ltd