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Collector-X : MMORPG

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CollectorX is a brand new fully 3D open world fantasy MMORPG that combine fantasy magic and blade with modern mechanic, but in a very simple gameplay without too much complexities.

Play as lone advanturer and collecting all items to build your own X-Equipment, or band together with other Heroes to leave your mark on this MMORPG, raid all twelve X-Master, show-off your hero in the PvP Arena, compete with others in 5 vs 5 Group War everyday.

Features :

1. Multiple times dungeon
You can find multiple different monsters in different timeline (GMT+7) in the same map : morning, noon, afternoon, night. Each monster will drop different item or ingredient for building your Equipment Set.

2. Customize your Hero
Each Level Up Will Grant Hero 1 SP (Skill Point) and 3 LP (Level Point).
Use the Skill Point to level up the Skill You Need, each skill requires a different amount of Skill point so choose wisely which skill to upgrade, each upgrade will increase the damage percentage and reduce the cool down time.
You can increase the status by using LP Points which are divided into : STR, MGC, VIT, AGI, DEX, WIS.
Customize your status to suit Your Gameplay.
HP is Health Point, MP is Mana Point, EP is Energy Point which needed when using potion and will increase movement speed, ATK will increase your physical attack, MGC will increase you magic attack, DEF will increases defense from both physical and magical attacks, CRIT will increase critical rate and critical damage, SPD will increase Attack speed and reduce cooldown from all skills.

3. Upgrade your Equipment and Weapon
Synthesize your gears to upgrade its basic status with 4 different gems (Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Diamond), and the gears will glow differently in colors (white, green, orange, red, blue, purple).

Refine Your equipment and weapon, when your equipment reach +7 in Synthesize, you can refine it into upper tier which separated into Super tier, Ultimate tier and Legendary tier, each tier will opened up a slot for Card in your equipment or weapon.

Valuate you equipment to get a bonus status, each piece of equipment can be valuated and get random status, it all depend on luck whether the status you get is blue which increases or red which reduces, to do valuation youll need a crystal, each equipment can only be valuated once.

4. Trade System
You can trade your item and equipment by opening a Vending booth in City or town.
The Vending system support offline mode, so even if youre offline the vending will not be closed down for the next 12 hours and will be extended if the player online.

You can also send item to your friend with the mailbox system, with mailbox you can send Coins, Item, Equip, Card even Pets.

5. Pet System
Evolve your pet to be the best partner for your adventure.

And many more.

Many upcoming new features is coming soon

Let's join and band together to beat all the X-Master, so we can protect all the Floaty Bases.

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Developer: Juleo Barakutama