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Agate is a mineral or stone formed naturally from the results of geological procedures whose elements consist of one or several chemical components that have a very high selling price. Agate made from crystallization of mineral substances in a very long time, can reach millions of years old, which then this crystal turned into agate.
Agate stone is much in demand by the collectors who previously had to be polished in advance in order to have an expensive price. Here are the types of agate most of which exist in Indonesia
1. Pomegranate Red Pomegranate,
Pomegranate rubies are a kind of agate that many in-search by most people of Indonesia because it is believed to cure toxins and also eliminate mystical diseases such as witchcraft
2. Agate Amethyst,
This type of agate amethyst is much in the likes of men, supposedly facilitate the relationship that can build relationships among others. Amethyst hair is considered to heighten the desire for life for men.
3. Jade
It seems that many people often hear the name of this stone, but not a few people who know that this stone is entered into the type of agate. This jade is said to originate from mainland China and also usually greenish color
4. Amber Stone
Many amber rocks hunted by people although the price is arguably expensive. This is because the efficacy of the amber stone is capable of emitting charisma so it has a very strong attraction.
5. Diamond stone
The beautiful rocks but not just give the beauty alone, but also enhance the confidence of the wearer. Diamond stone provides inner peace and also adds to the spirit of body and soul. This diamond stone is usually a clear white color and also glittering radiates serenity.
6. Black Onix
Agate this one is much used by businesspeople because of the efficacy of black onix stone is considered capable of providing business protection to run smoothly.
7. The Emerald Stone
Emeralds are often used by people to bring the inner coolness when they are in trouble, can be soothing and also bring peace in life.

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