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CM9/CM10 Killer Blue Theme

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Download this app named CM9/CM10 Killer Blue Theme.

NOTE: If there is a problem with my theme, email me first before you give it a 1 star review! I WILL work with you to try and get it working! If you have an xhdpi device (sgs3 galaxy nexus, for example) then it may not work right, I'm getting in contact with someone that should be able to help me sort out the issues with those types of devices so just hang tight everyone.

Screenshots taken with a AOKP ROM.

I think this is the final update to this theme. If you see anything that needs fixing/adding, let me know! Next up will be a killer red theme!

This is a theme for ROM's that have the theme engine such as: cm9/cm10 aokp, etc. THIS THEME IS FOR HDPI AND XHDPI PHONES ONLY.


1) Download the theme
2) Apply stock theme and reboot (if you are running an older version of mine)
3) Apply my theme and reboot for the full effect!

I would like to thank the following people in no particular order:

Anyone that encouraging me to do this
24v for helping me learn to theme, the basic keyboard images i use, and help with a few pesky xml files
vtwin for everything he has done for me
rinkle mcbally for the amazing lock screen weather icons, and custom calculator icon
annex for the theme templet i used for creating this theme.
Google for some of the images i use
dustinb (cobalt) for a few xml's i used to figure out why some icons wouldn't apply

If you would like to donate for my work, there is a donation version of this theme you may purchase. Every donation helps keep me motivated to bring more updates and future themes.

Link for donation version:

Tags: Blue CM theme



Initial Release


New default wallpaper
New dialogue boxes
New background for settings/mms/and more
New pulldown background
Fixed toggles for aokp not being blue when active

New system app icons
New pull down panel (last one was too much blue)
New lock screen weather icons (thanks rinkle)
Added bevel to all lock screen icons



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