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Clue for God Of War II

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In this clue you find also separate chapters dedicated for artifacts, destroyed chests Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers. Artifacts diversify the play after finishing single player for the first time. Destroyed chests provide you with red orbs and money, while Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers will let you upgrade mana and health up to the maximum level.
God of War 2 is a seamless adventure with no defined stages. To break up the walkthrough into consumable segments, we've separated the walkthrough into sections based on save points.
Each save point has a unique name that you can see when you load your game.
Match your save point to the list of save points below to find the section of the walkthrough you need.
Rhodes Bathhouse
Rhodes Palace
Eastern Ramparts
Return from Hades
Lair of the Titan
The Hand Cavern
Fire of Olympus
Typhon's Cavernous Prison
The Temple of Lahkesis
The Garden of Lahkesis
Pathway to the Steeds
The Steeds of Time
The Divine Pools
Destiny's Atrium
The Bog of the Forgotten
The Temple of Euryale
The Ruins of the Forgotten
River of the Forgotten
The Temple of Euryale
Lowlands Vista
Euryale's Defeat
Catacombs of the Fallen
Courtyard of Atropos
The Edge of Creation
Courtyard of Atropos
Crossing the Lowlands
The Great Chasm
The Face of Atlas
Inside the Mighty Titan
Ascension of Atlas
The Great Chasm
The East Auditorium
Auditorium of Lahkesis
The East Auditorium
The Garden of the Gods
Sacrifice to the Fates
The West Auditorium
Entrance to the Underground
The Phoenix Chamber
Releasing the Phoenix
Temple of the Fates
The Throne of the Fates
The Temple of the Oracle
The Throne of the Fates
Before the Loom
The Loom Chamber
The Summit of Sacrifice

In this application you'll find:
- Cheats Code
- Tricks
- Unlockables
- Throphies

Disclaimer :
This clue is intended only to assist people playing this excellent game. All characters, locations, images and video game content are copyright of their respective owners and usage for this game clue falls within fair use cluelines.

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