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We have all been there before. You have a chance for a night out in the city. You get all excited about how epic the night is going to be. Finally you reach the club and then....your expectations take a major nose dive. The music might just not be your style, there might be too many people in the club, or even worse too few. A night that was supposed to be amazing turned quite mediocre and possibly even bad.

This problem which has plagued many of us is what we are hoping to solve with Club Knight. We want to provide you the tranparency you crave and deserve about the going-ons in the clubs near you. With real time updates from users at the clubs, you will know exactly what is happening at each venue. You won't ever have to wonder if some place is playing EDM or Hip Hop music, or if there is only standing room with no possiblity of getting a table. You can gaurantee yourself a great night everytime you go out

Here are the main features:

1. Receive real time updates about what is happening at clubs near you, take control of your night
2. Be your own boss, put yourself on the guestlist of your favourite clubs with just a few taps.
3. Submit reports and earn money!
4. Absolutely free!


You can finally get the transparency you been craving!
Receive real time information about the club, with metrics on the crowd level, crowd ratio, and even the type of music

You also now have a chance to earn some money!
Submit reports and receive monetary rewards from Club Knight!



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