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Clash Shuriken

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Take your Shuriken aim at the logs and earn coins
Cast wants to cover the water of the River stop him throwing shuriken at the logs but, be careful with the flowers and the fish at those throw a snail or a crab

Choose your shuriken set with the ninjas NIO, ZORI and BAN.


Use the power of the Super and Ultra by sliding the Shuriken upwards.
Buy all the shuriken and go to the end of the River where you will meet the turtles.

Overcome the challenges by throwing the limited shuriken in the correct way to destroy the logs without touching the flowers.

! More experience more life!
Level up to get an extra life and keep playing even when you hurt a flower or when a log hits the dock.

Coming soon new characters and new Shuriken, collect coins, complete the challenges and become a master of the Shuriken

The ninjas have come to save the River, with their different weapons they will destroy all the obstacles put by Cast an evil ninja who wants to cover the river and stop the flow of water. In the river several aquatic species swim peacefully and these are so large that they are immune to the blows of shuriken.
Snails and crabs have a habit of floating on flowers it is normal to see them passing in the River, above a flower

Play with different ninjas and you will realize the unique abilities they have

Amazing ninja shuriken game features:
Fun, relaxing and addictive
Interesting fun journey as a defender of the River
Acquire the special shuriken
Free yourself and escape your way
Movement of sliding your finger on the screen to launch the shuriken with aim

Let's start your endless journey with an innovative game of shurikens!

Feel the great experience of throwing shurikens with aim

challenge game
Go to the river map and choose the challenge to complete, a combination of logs will be thrown towards your dock and you will have the exact shuriken to destroy the logs, be careful with the flowers and if you complete the challenge you will get the coins.

Battle game
Each player from his trench will launch the shuriken to destroy all the opponent's trunks, you will have at your disposal the shuriken that you have bought.

river adventure game
With the shuriken that you have bought, you will have to destroy all the logs that come near your dock, you have to be prepared because a giant fish will come out at any moment and if you reach the end you will see the turtles, which with their shells will be immune to your shuriken.

Relaxation Game
-Through calming sounds, this game helps you relax
-Having idle gameplay makes stress go away and calms your mind
-Relaxing music that calms your mind after a long stressful day
-Calming visual elements that help you find peace of mind and help you relax your mind

Acquire the ax from BAN it summons snails when activating its power.
ZORI has an orange starfish shuriken, it summons several little stars will help you defeat the giant fish.
NIO has shuriken that multiply.

visualize all the powers of the shuriken in the shop complete the challenges and you will learn to use all the shuriken.

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DOWNLOAD NOW and start mastering all the shuriken! 2022

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Developer: Darioco

Recent changes: new ninjas
new shuriken
challenge map
battle mode