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In the Church Handbook application, we have attempted to bring our favourite Ghanaian Hymns to life on our Android devices. We have collected the Hymns of the Presbyterian, Catholic, Methodist and Baptist Churches. Worthy of note is that the Presbyterian Hymns are in TWI. We have arranged the hymns in the same Chronological order as can be seen in the hymn books of these churches so that members can find it easy to navigate our application.
Now you can search for hundreds of Ghanaian hymns in a matter of seconds. You can also search for a phrase contained in a hymn to look it up. The time to carry huge Hymnbooks; struggle to remember the words of a hymn as well as the hymn numbers are finally over.

1. Changing Hymn Books: The Hymns have been arranged in different Chronological Orders to suit the various Churches for which this app has been carefully designed. You can swap between Hymn books as you please
2. Creeds: A creed is a statement of faith that describes the beliefs shared by a Christian. They are a summary of core beliefs. In some Churches it is recited as part of the religious service. The most popular Creeds are the Nicene and Apostolic Creeds which have both been included in this App.
3. Canticles: A canticle is a type of hymn (strictly excluding the Psalms) taken from the Bible. The term is often expanded to include ancient non-biblical hymns such as the Te Deum and certain psalms used liturgically. The most commonly used Canticles have been included in this app.
4. Advanced Search: This feature is used to search for a particular hymn using a phrase contained in that hymn. You can also search for the phrase in all the Hymns provided by the application.

Latest version changes:
1. Added hymns for Baptist, Catholic and Methodist Churches
2. Copy and share hymns in sundry ways (email, whatsapp, SMS, etc.)
3. new, more functional, search bar can be used to search by Hymn Number or Lyrics
4. fixed main hymns list to show first line of first verse
5. bookmark hymns
6. add notes
7. default hymn loaded on startup
8. new, exquisite look and feel
9. minor bug fixes and performance improvements

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This emergency update contains below features:

1. Updated Hymns
2. Services
3. Comment on Hymns
4. Like Hymns
5. Performance improvements and minor bug fixes

*********New Improved UI*********
CHB Team.



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