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The cheetah is an insider of the feline family and is known to run faster than other mammals. Today, the majority of the species live in Southern and Eastern Africa. A tiny community also lives in the Khorasan region of Iran. Hunting cheetahs are seen in miniatures depicting hunting scenes of 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries sultans.

It is an animal that hunts by taking advantage of its high speed instead of hunting in packs or hiding like lions. It can accelerate from zero to 108 km/h in just 3.1 seconds. When he runs more than 460 meters, his body temperature rises above 46 degrees, damaging the cheetah's brain. That's why its run while hunting is usually less than a minute. Experts consider that there are less than 10,000 wild cheetahs in the world.

Female cheetahs reach puberty at the age of twenty to twenty-four months. Male cheetahs, on the other hand, get this stage at the period of twelve months. In contrast, sexual intercourse rarely occurs before the age of three. The mortality rate in cheetah cubs is 90%. Hyenas and eagles often attack them. Cubs are usually separated from their mothers at 13-20 months of age. Although cheetahs can live longer than 20 years, they often live shorter because of their speed, which decreases with age.

Although cheetahs run fast, they only succeed in half of their hunting attempts. Cheetahs owe their fast running ability to their light, thin bones. For this reason, it has been seen that while cheetahs eat their prey in one place, if predators such as lions and hyenas come, they withdraw from that area and leave their mark there. Because hyenas have powerful jaws. The thin bones of the cheetah are more vulnerable to solid jaws. One of the reasons cheetahs run fast is because their tails are long. For cheetahs, the tail also helps during running. Cheetahs prey on herbivores such as gazelles and impalas. However, gazelles and impalas are the fastest maneuvering animals in the world. Despite their high speed, cheetahs can make sharp turns by using their tails as a rudder. When cheetahs reach maximum speed, the distance between each step can reach about 15 meters. These long strides are a factor that gives them momentum.

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