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Run this app named CD Ripper by Convert Technologies or download it using ApkOnline. You can do it using our Android online emulator.

Our CD Ripper app is the easiest way to rip your CDs to files without having to spend time editing each song's metadata. We'll do all that for you.

Pop the CD in the drive, and let the app take care of everything else. After a few seconds, our integrated Gracenote look-up service will identify the song from an online database. The artist name, song title, album title, album artwork and genre tags will then be added to the songs file.

You can choose which format youd like your CDs converted to: AAC, WAV or FLAC.

Unfortunately, you cant directly attach your phone to the CD ripping device, so youre going to need some equipment.

Firstly, you need a DVD-RW Drive. Youll need a USB hub, connected to a power outlet, to power the drive. Finally, you need an adapter cable.

To see which equipment we recommend, and for more information and FAQs, check out our website: http://www.convert-av.com/apps/convert-cd-ripper-app/

For a full explanation on how to use the app, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnCO3_4Fxto

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Developer: Convert Technologies

Genre: Music & Audio

App version: 2.0.1

App size: 4.5M

Recent changes: Now using Gracenote for CD lookups.
Unlimited recording credits available as an In-App Purchase.


I've been using CD Ripper for a couple of days now to rip some music CDs to my Android tablet. I'm running Android 10 on a Samsung tablet with an ASUS CD drive. The drive works well and couples with Android nicely. I changed my review to 2 stars because when it works, it works very well. However it freezes quite often and won't recognize the CD drive. I paid for the unlimited ripping because I have quite a few CDs to rip. Asking for my money back.

`I have to say this is a brilliant app. Dad asked me to help him find a way to move his favourite music from CD to USB so he can easily play it in the car and at work. We started by looking for a standalone device to rip from CD to USB, but that was too cumbersome. Then we looked at a cheap laptop with ripping software, but that was too complex for him. Then I thought "I wonder if we can do this on his tablet" seeing as he's reasonable fluent with it. Lo and behold I find this app. Sat down with Dad, do some tests and he's in love. Purchased an unlimited subscription and he's been working at it all afternoon. Without problem. I am stunned and supremely happy. It is a perfect simple app that does exactly what it says it does without any fuss. If you ever do any updates again, I'd like to make some requests. On devices like tablets in landscape mode, can you widen the gap between the menu and rip button. His fat older shaky fingers have caused some frustrations by hitting the wrong button. And can you alternately shade each song line. Again old unfocused eyes are having trouble connecting the song with the select box when used in landscape mode on his tablet. The only other mega bonus would be to incorporate some sort of MP3 converter if possible. We'd pay an extra few $$$ to make this a feature.`,

Good ripper long overdue to Android users so well done that developer. Very clean UI and very easy to use. Lookups seem to be fast as is the ripping. MP3 users will be disappointed though as MP3 is not supported. I use primarily for FLAC rips and use a separate converter after if I need MP3 but it's a shame it is not included. In all other respects a good app.

Showed great promise when it found an inserted CD in my external drive flashing up Track Data and CD cover almost in an instant but beyond that could do not rip the trial 30 second clips of tracks nor could I find the new "One Time" app purchase option. Also could do with a native player to preview tracks for ripping and an MP3 option. It just could have been so much better - sorry developers ):

Can rip tracks well but when it's bad it's very bad. Once it hangs up it stays hung up. --- 1 Needs OTG, check phone with OTG Gru. Web info not reliable. -- 2 Sequence on android 6: Start app. says attach cd drive: plug in usb: close drive with cd: loads track list: select tracks: rip. --3 Press eject, can hang up if you just quit app. Small icon at top of screen. Have had to restart Android at times. Ripping full 10 dance CD at once resulted is loss of opening cord on 3 of them. Best of luck."