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Do you like Infinite Runners? Do you love being able to jump one and again and again? Well, It's finally time to play the best infinite runner game you ever see. Catty's Jumping Day is a game of variety and frenetic action! Use you abilities jumping and dodging all type of enemies all the way to be the best! Focus on your goal, you will need you jump hundreds or thousand times to achieve the perfection of a master, prove you and your friends that you are an unbeatable beast (or cat) and nothing will throw you down.


There is a bunch of enemies that will try to defy your skills and they are all on the same team... Ducks! Ducks! and more Ducks! but do not worry, you and Catty can jump them to survive and thrive, jumping your way to victory you will find normal ducks, angry ducks, sad ducks, armored ducks and more! but with jumping and smashing there is nothing that will stop you and your wishes to be the best.


Overtime it will be more difficult to score a High Score, and you will have to practice again and again, timing your jumps correctly and changing trajectories with you paw, Catty can always find a way out of trouble, you just to believe in you and your jumps. But this jumping competition does not end there, Catty can adventure into different Game Mode which each one has it is own record to push on.


Catty has a basic set up, she can Jump, sometimes higher than others and can use her paw to smash the way to victory. But there are some special way to Progress with Super Powers! this provides Catty an incredible deep gameplay of jumping n' smashing. Remember to jump over all Ducks to get those points but if you also smash them by precisely jumping on them you will get another point!!!

Clearly you have not seen anything like this! are you still are not convinced? Here is why Catty and her Jumps are the maximum Infinite Runner you can find:
-Interesting mechanics
-Ducks of all colors and shapes
-Nice Pixel Art graphics
-Hypnotic and Funny Gameplay
-Light and Quick Game
-Quick learning and progress
-A cute Cat named Catty!

Who says infinite runner are out of shape? Too crowded in ads? nonsense! Catty-Low-Ads Policy here is going to cheer you up, you will Never! see weird ads while you are playing with Catty or doing some Epic Jump. Use some power-ups, defy your friends, play different Game modes, unlock Duck lore, Jump, Smash, and more in Catty's Jumping Day! Download Now!!!

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Developer: ParallaxFox

Recent changes: Oh boy, this is going to be long!

Version 1.1 - Power Up Update!!
Main Menu Changes:
-New Pixel Font
-New Main Menu
-Reworked Mode Select
-New Icons
-Added Stats Menu
-Achievements Panel Reworked
-Added in-Game Leaderboards
-Better UI
-Almanac Unlocking Bugs Fixed
Game Changes:
-You can choose a Starting Velocity from the Main Menu
-Catty Gameplay has been reworked
-All Duck Hitboxes too
-New Particles Added
-Text Combo Added