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Cat App from One Year-Olds 1 Download

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Cat App from One Year-Olds 1

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Download this app named Cat App from One Year-Olds 1.

A simple and easy cute app played from one-year-olds.

The scene is at a park with fallen leaves. There is a white box and a black box.
There is a cute cat in either of them. Which box will you choose?

Here are the 7 points of this「Cat App from one-year-olds」

Point 1【Operation is simple. You just touch the screen】
My one-ear-old child gets excited and plays it at home.
It’s convenient when your child is reluctant to do something.
Use it for an emergency measure when your child suddenly whines!

Point 2【Just choose either white or black】
Yes, which one is it, white or black? You just choose either one.
Just take the black and white out of… Sorry.

Point 3【The rare characters are so cute】
You can’t see them if you are only concentrating on the box. You can see it as if you are experiencing aha when a chick suddenly appears.
It will cheep and stand and sit down when you touch the screen.

Point 4【Move to the off street scene】
When you play the game 10 times, the cat will wonder into the off street.
When you touch the cat, you will get the result and prize of the game.

Point 5【The prize is fish!】
You will get more prizes the more you guess which box the cat is hiding in.
It will be fantastic when you get a full score. What’s fantastic? That’s a secret.

Point 6【There are many types of cats!】
Different cats will appear.
Black cats, white cats, calico cats, Siamese, and kittens? There seems to be 16 types.

Point 7【The percentage of the correct answers will appear】
The picture at the top of the screen shows the number and percentage of the answers you got correct.
Let’s see how many correct answers you will get out of 100!

I hope you enjoy this game.
Of course, downloading is free.

From, the developer.




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