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Introduction of gameplay

Color Pencil Shooter: number brick breaker is an arcade game, Your main player is a pencil that can change color, game controls are straightforward and easy you just tap and the pencil shoots a single color ball with the same ink as the pencil color.

After that pencil takes another color, You must hit a color ball with the same color on the rotating bricks, Here number bricks have quaint numbers on it as you hit one times number decreases according to which level of pencil you have, As numbers go high on the brick you must hit more time to make it zero. When the number becomes 1 means you need one more shot to break that brick on the wheel.

After you break single brick on the wheel you earn some diamonds according to the level you play.

The level is complete when you successfully break all the color bricks on the wheel, but if you accidentally hit quaint color then a ball of pencil have then the game may be over for you instead you revive your player with some diamonds or rewarded video If you can't then you must play that level again from the very beginning.

Enjoy unique color hit gameplay!


Color Pencil Shooter has unique game mechanics and addictive gameplay that is simple as a number brick breaker.

Amazing new fun game experience which tests your hand-eye coordination.

Fun but challenging levels of design that gradually become more advanced.

More than 10 quaint enemy brick rotation loops like Yoyo Increase And Stop and more, some are easy to articulate but as you go to high levels wheels rotations are more difficult to predict and tricky to shoot the right color.

As you pass the level you make some diamonds in the game, you can even earn more extra diamonds with a rewarded treasure chest that may appear after level completion.

Smooth graphics animation and flow of user interfaces.

Simple controls you just have to tap on right time.

Unique pencil designs and powers.

Nice relaxing background music and sound SFX.

More than 100 unique challenging levels.

Time killer and best solution to your boredom in your free time.

Appealing particle effects and slow-motion effect of shooting.

Engaging number shooting game experience with relaxing sounds


If you are stuck on some level and you cant overcome the crazy rotation of number wheels you can revive as many times as your diamonds are in stoke so you dont need to play from the very beginning.

Targeting inner wheel bricks first so they are no more in your way for shooting further.

If you feel that your pencil is not powerful as needed dont worry you can buy a more powerful one from the store which has more Damage Powers.

If you run out of enough diamonds keep playing you find an awesome diamond treasure chest and if you are lucky you got large numbers of diamonds so you can buy items in the store.

Keep login with gameplay service so you can compete with other players around the globe.

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Developer: Quaint Game Studio