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Brain Train - A Memory Booster Download

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Brain Train

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Download this app named Brain Train - A Memory Booster.

Brain Train is the one of its kind game that allows you to enhance your brain skills and memory power while having you enjoy this brain training experience.

Brain Train gives you a totally new way to memorize certain things in a certain amount of time that actually makes your brain to put some extra power to do that.

This game gives you a way to boost your memory power and skills and of course you don't feel bored.

Once you start playing this game level by level, you yourself will feel the difference before and after. You will have to put more and more efforts as you move ahead by playing more and more levels.

Brain Train has excellent and easy to understand interface that allows you to get familiar with the concept of this game.

You need to complete each level before certain time and moves given to you at the beginning of each level. When you do that, next level will be waiting to get played.

Well you can always play levels that were played by you earlier to improve your score for that particular stage.

Brain Train has totally new concept that you would have never seen before. Please read more on how you can play this game:

* You will be shown certain number of tiles for a certain amount of time and you need to memorize the actual position of each tile.
* Tiles will shuffle their positions after a given time elapse.
* Now you need to arrange all the tiles in their correct order as they were before shuffling.
* You have to arrange all tiles in their correct order before given time and moves.
* You can drag and drop a tile over another tile to change their positions.
* You also have option to check if you are going in right direction while playing a level.
* Just click on HELP button that will show you all correctly and incorrectly arranged tiles in different colors.
* As you move ahead in game, number of tiles will be increased and again your brain will have to put more power to memorize those extra tiles.

Have a nice Brain Training!!!


Minor bug fixes.



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