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Brain Card Game

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Those who trust their intelligence here. You will love the exciting new card game Bar10n 4P that makes you think. Bar10n 4P is a unique strategy game created with a very special scoring system.
Bar10n 4P is a fun new game with intelligence-enhancing features.
Its unique rules and playing style are liked by everyone who plays.
In addition to being a scoring system that requires depth and expertise, a player who does not have detailed knowledge about the scoring system can also achieve successful results with a little luck, paying attention to a few rules.
You can play the Bar10n 4P game in any age range.
How is the game played?
Very simple! (Those who want to specialize can get additional help from the application and the site)
The game is played with a total of 108 playing cards, consisting of two decks of 104 cards and 4 jokers.
Each card has game-specific score and rank.
At the beginning of the game, 68 cards are dealt, 17 cards each, and the remaining 40 cards are left on the floor.
After each hand is strategically selected and discarded by 3 cards, the player's hand score is calculated. Then the player receives an additional random card from the floor.
The game lasts 9 hands this way.
In the first 8 hands, the side with the high score of the cards he plays earns additional hand points.
The last hand score is a surprise, the player receives 3 cards from the deck, and in whatever order, the card points 2 times the hand score he has earned are calculated and written to the household.
The side with the higher total score at the end of 9 hands wins the game.
Additional points of the game determined by special coefficients are also calculated and written on the leaderboard.
This flow of the game gives the player systematic and mathematical thinking discipline, decision making and intuitive thinking.
In addition, the memory of the people playing becomes stronger.
As a result of these exercises that improve the intelligence of the people who play, they get away from stress and have fun.

Card Game Lovers;
Those Who Want to Play a New Game;
Those who trust their intelligence;
Strategy Game Seekers;
Those who want to have fun;
Be sure to discover this game! You will love it, you will not be able to give up.
You can find detailed information about the game on our website and in our videos.
You can send an e-mail for your requests and suggestions.
You can support us with your comments and likes.
Thanks in advance. Welcome to the Bar10n family.
Site: & Mail:
lhami Sava OKUR

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Developer: İlhami Savaş OKUR

Genre: Card

App version: 1.0.6

App size: 14M

Recent changes: Updates were made in accordance with the policy.


'nice app but too hard for me.