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Bounce Arena

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Download this app named Bounce Arena.

Do you love bouncing? Of course you do, everyone loves to bounce.

Imagine being a small colored ball and all you can do is bounce! Awesome!

Developer Warning: Before you install Bounce Arena, we feel compelled to warn you that this game is hard, not just flappy bird hard... tear your hair out and shout at your grandma hard!

It all sounds so simple, swipe to rotate the colored bats and match the color of the bat to the ball. Easy... hahaha, no chance.

If you want a fast paced, addictive bounce based challenge, you've found it.

If you want to hurl your phone at a stranger on the bus in frustration, this is the game for you!

If you want to spend a pleasant afternoon with a witch, popping some bubbles or crushing some pretty candy, then you've come to the wrong place sweetheart.

Download Bounce Arena today – I dare you!


- Improved performance of game.



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