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General understanding of bonsai is a plant or tree that dwarfed trees that grow to resemble old living in the wild, or more trivial it is a miniature bonsai tree or plant is old. The charm of this bonsai goes back thousands of years ago, this art of creating bonsai first appeared in China in 265-420 more precisely during the reign of Tsin dynasty then developed during the Tang Dynasty is in 618-907. Bonsai and in 1309 began mejalar to Japan, and from Japan spread to more parts of the world and came to our country. each time more rapid development of this bonsai. even at this present moment we see that this bonsai cultivation could become the main income for the perpetrators. More forms of bonsai circulating more expensive price. some even sold tens of billions. Below I outline some form of bonsai tries that administrators consider very special. Want to see pictures of her? please download this application

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1. Can run without quotas (Offline)
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