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Bomber Battle

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Bomber Battle - Hero Return is a classic game type with multi levels to explore.
In each level, you have to kill all enemies by strategically placing bomb to put enemy in a trap, then bomb blast boom , enemy is destroyed.
After destroy all monsters, break bricks to find out the door hidden under the brick to get in and go to next level.
Try to get power up item in each level, this item also is hidden under tile, use your bomb to break the tile to find this.
You will died when colliding monster or in bomb explosion range or time up.
Bomb will be exploded after predefined time or by bomb explosion control if you got it in some levels.
Some special skills will be lost if you died. Do not worry you can get it again in some next levels.
Now, it is time to live in childhood memory, become a bomber, become a hero, become a legend.

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Developer: pvcMobClassic

Genre: Strategy

App version: 4.0

App size: 10M

Recent changes: make 64-bit compliant


The original game I remember. Some may be critical about having to watch ads, but, considering this is a free app, it is what it is. You have to watch an ad between levels, when you die, or to continue at the stage your at. If watching a 30 second ad means I can continue where I left off, fine with me. Better than starting all over again like some games.

This game is a revival folks, stop complaining about features you like to see in modern games, this is not about that. Amazing work, there are a few differences I remember from the original game, the one I remember enjoying the most was the fact that once you blew yourself, if placed another bomb right when the bomb exploded, it would trigger a second explosion, and you could go indefinitely if your fingers are rapid enough, I miss that.

it can be addicting when you have wifi to support the videos to get extra lives but rage quit worthy when you are at stage 11 and its game over without any kind of game saving option thus you have to start over

Lags a bit and it's missing some of the enemies