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The greatest online offline status tracker is WhatStat. Also, WhatStat is an app that enables you to see how much time your children have spent on WhatsApp overall. So you can be sure they aren’t studying online when they say they are doing so. 

About WhatStat App

WhatStat is an app that enables you to see how much time your children have spent on WhatsApp overall. So‌ they aren’t studying online when they say they are doing so.

Also, you may now be confident that they are not online when they claim to be asleep. And be informed of the moment they are. You could evaluate the data much better with charts.

See How to Install WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker on your Android Device

1. On our website, click the Continue to App button. Also, you will be directed to Google Play by this.

2. You can begin its download and installation as soon as the WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker appears in the Google Play listing for your Android smartphone. To the right of the app icon, below the search bar, tap the Install button.

3. It will display a pop-up window asking for the permissions WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker needs. For the process to proceed, click Accept.

4. A progress bar will appear when the WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker is downloaded to your smartphone. When the download is finished, the installation will begin, and when it is finished, you will receive a notification.

WhatStat App Description

Check out the WhatStat full descriptions you need to know about

  • Track up to 3 numbers
  • 24 hours free trial
  • Get notifications when the user is online

  • Track Whatsapp last seen
  • Track the online status and offline status
  • Analyze data with professional graphs
  • Compare two contact’s online offline status
  • View Whatsapp online session time
  • Get Reports to your email address
  • Working 7/24
  • Dark Mode – Day Mode
  • Reach Customer Service via e-mail
  • Customer Service

The greatest WhatsApp online-offline status tracker is WhatsStat. For WhatsApp, you can check the status of the number 7/24. Data about your WhatsApp status will be exportable.

When the number you are tracking is online, you will immediately receive notifications. You can access the number’s real-time online and offline status information. However, you can examine the times of day that your contacts use WhatsApp.

Is WhatStat WhatsApp Online Tracker not Working / Having Issues for you?

WhatStat: You may not use the WhatsApp Online Tracker app because of problems with your device or your internet connection.

Please use the comment section below to describe any problems you are having with the WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker app. However, you can also attempt the remedies listed below in the interim.

1. See the Common WhatStat Online Tracker App Problems and Troubleshooting See Steps Below

It is among the most prevalent issues with the Android operating system. Normally, when you launch an app, you will observe a brief period of black screen time before the app crashes.  

Also, with or without an error notice. Therefore, there are not many solutions to this issue.

1. Most often, it can only be a momentary loading problem. Simply touch your phone’s first left button to access the recent applications menu. However, the problematic app is then closed. Reopen the app now. It might operate normally.

2. Attempt a hard restart on your Android phone. However, the “Home” and “Power” buttons should be pressed and held down simultaneously for up to 10 seconds.

Release the buttons after that, and continue to hold down “Power” until the screen illuminates. Also, you can now try opening the app; it might function properly.

3. If none of the aforementioned solutions work, you can wait until your phone’s battery runs out and it shuts off on its own. After that, charge it and then turn the device on. After this, it might function.

4. Finally, you might need to remove the program and reinstall it if none of your other fixed work. As soon as you reinstall and log into the app, Android typically restores all settings. See if that resolves the issue.

5. The re-install phase also fails in a few uncommon instances. Also, try installing earlier versions of the program if that applies to you. Good luck.

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2. My WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker App Won’t Load or not Working Properly (loading error/server error/connection error / Screen Freeze / Ping Problem)

There are a few situations that may cause the load issue in mobile apps.

1. It’s possible that the WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker app server is down, which is the root of the loading problem. Please give it another try soon.

2. Your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection isn’t functioning properly. Also, to verify your data connection, please.

3. Too many people are simultaneously using the app. Please give it another try soon.

3. Are you Having WhatStat WhatsApp Online Tracker Login Issues or Account Related Issues?

If you are experiencing login or account-related issues, please review the procedures below.

1. The login/account issue may be brought on by a down WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker server. Please try again after a short while.

2. Your mobile data or Wi-Fi connection isn’t functioning properly. Verify your data connection, please.

3. You might use the incorrect login information. Please be sure the information you are entering is accurate.

4. If you’re logging in through a third-party social network, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google. Therefore, make sure the service is operational by going to their official website.

5. For actions, your account can be banned or terminated. Read error messages carefully.

4. Having WhatStat WhatsApp Online Tracker App Installation Issues

1. Verify the connectivity of your Wi-Fi and internet connection.

2. Please check the storage on your mobile device. Also, the app cannot be installed if your disk does not have enough space.

3. Make sure the app you’re trying to install is compatible with the Android version you have.

5. WhatStat WhatsApp Online Tracker App is not Updating Properly on your Phone.

Please make sure that your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection is operational. You might not update the WhatStat: WhatsApp Online Tracker app because it is down.

Verify that your phone has enough storage to accommodate downloading updates. Lack of storage space may prevent you from updating your apps.

6. Audio / Video Loading Problem with WhatStat WhatsApp Online Tracker.

If you’re experiencing audio issues, check your phone’s volume. To determine whether the problem is with your speakers or the app, try using headphones.

If you’re having trouble loading videos, please check your Wi-Fi connectivity and internet speed.

WhatStat Online & Offline Status: Pricing

The WhatStat Online & Offline Status App offers you a simple, effective management system, and WhatStat Online & Offline Status enables you to concentrate on what matters most.

However, WhatStat Online & Offline Status may be utilized on an iPhone device, and it’s easy to use, so you might love it.

WhatStat Online & Offline Status: Pros and Cons

Check out the pro and cons of WhatStat.


  • The WhatStat Online & Offline Status app is secure to use
  • The App is improving with time.
  • Major Bug Fix with each update
  • The Support of WhatStat Online&Offline Status is good.
  • Mobile Apps


  • The WhatStat Online&Offline Status has to add more privacy
  • Missing some features.
  • Sometimes slow support

Benefits of Using WhatStat Online & Offline Status

Check out the Benefit of the WhatStat App you Might not Come Across.

1. The WhatStat Online & Offline Status design is good.

2. Helps people follow up with interest in a timely manner.

3. The performance of the WhatStat Online & Offline Status is good.

4. WhatStat Online & Offline Status Mobile applications allow users to search bar.

5. The WhatStat Online & Offline Status support is good.

6. The price of WhatStat Online & Offline Status is Free.

Which is the Best Free WhatsApp Online Tracker?

This post contains the top 11 WhatsApp trackers all around.

Check out 6 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker App for Online Notification and Last Seen

  • ChatWatch (Android)
  • WaStat WhatsApp Tracker (Android)
  • ChatTrack Online Tracker (Android)
  • WaLog (iOS)
  • Whatster Screen Time Tracker (iOS)
  • OnlineNotify (iOS)

How do I Know if Someone is Checking my Last Seen on WhatsApp?

You and the other person who has enabled receipts will view each other’s WhatsApp stories after turning on “Read receipts.” If you are concerned about a stalker, this can be helpful because it.

If you haven’t downloaded the WhatStat tracker app, do that now to have an eye on your friends and kids to know if they’re learning. Also, to get more information about this WhatStat app, subscribe to any of our social media handles.

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