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Top 10 Cricketing Games to Play on Android

One of the most popular sports in the world is cricket. And for many fans, experiencing the thrill of the game through playing the best cricketing games on their Android devices is ideal. However, it can be difficult to select the finest cricket games to download and play. This is because there are so many accessible on the Google Play Store.

Well, if you are facing this issue, allow this article to assist you in exploring the top 10 cricketing games to play on Android. Interestingly, there is a cricketing game on our list for everyone, regardless of whether you are an avid cricket fan or are just seeking a good time. But first, let’s discuss why Android cricket games are so popular.

Why Cricket Games for Android Are Popular

Cricketing games for Android are very popular because they let players enjoy the thrill of the game of cricket on their mobile devices. As long as the player has access to a mobile device, these games are convenient and can be played whenever and whenever.

Mobile cricket games frequently contain realistic graphics and gameplay in addition to the aforementioned features. And this increases their allure. Also, multiplayer options are common in mobile cricket games. These allow users to engage in online competition.

Also, they give the game a social and competitive component that some players may find appealing. At this point, let’s discuss the top 10 cricketing games to play on Android.

Top 10 Cricketing Games to Play on Android

The top cricket games for Android devices are listed below:

1. Real Cricket 20

Playing Real Cricket 20 on a mobile device is enjoyable and competitive. There are numerous commentary packs and additional options for both bowling and batting. The game is accessible on mobile operating systems like iOS and Android. Players can select from a variety of teams and participate in numerous cricket tournaments and matches in the game.

Additionally, players have the ability to design and control their own team, including player choice and strategy. On their mobile devices, gamers may enjoy the excitement and strategy of cricket thanks to the game’s realistic graphics and action.

However, since there are drawbacks to everything, thus this game is not an exception. The gameplay has come at the expense of the visuals. There are fewer venues and no roster or player customization options. Even the silliest actions in the Real Cricket 20 have a cost, such as increasing bat speed or ball swing.

Screenshot of Real Cricket App on Google Play

2. WCC Rivals

This is one of the top cricketing games to play on Android. There are many things to learn in this game. Some of which are:

  • How to manage teams.
  • How to make special time deliveries and shots.
  • Ways to take part in the ranking competition.

One of the most crucial components of batting in WCC Rivals is timing the stroke. It’s important to play properly even when you can hit loft and power drive shots thanks to timed practice. In addition to trying to nail the “Power-Drive” and “Loft” shots, timing your swipes has an impact on how far the ball travels.

Also, WCC Rivals gives your adversaries the option to swiftly switch from left to right fielding. And this is caused by the pre-set profiles for left and right batsmen. The bowling crosshair must be placed precisely while picking up wickets and bowling dot balls.

3. Stick cricket super league

On the Android store, the Stick Sports brand has come to be associated with both good quality and a lot of products. Stick Cricket Super League introduces a core team management strategy while maintaining the same simple yet addicting gameplay that makes all the other games exciting.

Before choosing which side to place a player on, you choose them, give them a name, and make minor changes to how they look. Also, your player will quickly rise to the position of team captain as you start your career in the lesser leagues.

Also, the objective of the game is simple: bang the ball around and score as many runs as you can to beat your opponent. When you rack up enough victories, you move up in the league. As you go up to higher divisions, the teams you play will get more difficult to beat.

4. World Cricket Championship 3

This is one of the top cricketing games to play on Android. Nextwave Multimedia created the well-known mobile cricket game World Cricket Championship 3. It offers a realistic mobile cricket setting. And this is with brand-new controls, expert commentary, multiplayer options, stunning animations, real-time motion capture of professional cricketers, and cutting-edge AI.

Players can customize their teams and players in the game types, which include quick play, tournaments, and challenges. The game provides players with a multitude of options, including various pitch conditions and match lengths. Also, it features realistic graphics and action.

Screenshot of World Cricket Champion 3 app on Google Play

5. World Cricket Battle 2

This is the most cutting-edge next-generation 3D cricket game featuring a realistic cricket simulation experience available on the Android Platform. The game has the most realistic My Career Modes & Real-Time Cricket Batting Multiplayer. Also, it is a real treat for all cricket enthusiasts who want to experience a variety of World Cricket Championships!

With its many game types, such as quick play, tournaments, and challenges, the game offers a comprehensive cricketing experience. It also lets players customize their teams and players. The game provides players with a multitude of options, including various pitch conditions and match lengths, and features realistic graphics and action.

6. Cricket League

This is one of the top cricketing games to play on Android. Cricket League is a condensed version of the well-known multiplayer game that integrates a number of cutting-edge mobile ideas. 


7. Sachin Saga Cricket Champions

There are several reasons why this mobile cricket game is fantastic. To begin with, the game lets you relive the career of Sachin Tendulkar, one of cricket’s most successful batters. In the game’s opening Legend mode, you can relive significant matches from Sachin’s career. Sachin’s international career from his first domestic cricket match to the present is one of the game’s several game modes.

Also, the game features an online multiplayer mode where players may compete against one another while progressing through a well-known cricket career. Players in the game have a variety of teams to pick from. And they can participate in Test matches, One Day Internationals, and Twenty20 matches, among other forms.

8. Hitwicket Cricket Superstars

This is one of the top cricketing games to play on Android. It is a cricket strategy game with a fantasy theme. Here, you are to assemble a team and train your players; the game requires gameplay and strategy. Players are capable of a range of things. As a result, you need to be careful while selecting your beginning lineup because you need to level up your skills.

9. T20 Cricket Champions 3D

This is produeced by Zapak. In this game, you can choose from a wide range of exhilarating game types. The game has real-world activities where you can take part in actual cricket trips. Additionally, the game provides a top-notch hitting experience where you may experiment with different shots.

This game offers a more realistic playing experience. And this is by allowing you to manage your ball’s speed, location, and direction while still holding the bowl.

10. ICC Cricket Mobile

The same Indian video game studio that created FAU-G also created this ICC Cricket Mobile game. The brightest talents of the present day, including Jatin Sapru, Ian Bishop, and others, provide insightful analysis for the game.

The stunning visuals in ICC Cricket Mobile put it on a level with the top producers of mobile cricket games. You can choose from a variety of venues with various game times and pitch configurations. In replays, the game’s most memorable moments can be seen from several dynamic camera views.

Screenshot of ICC Cricket Mobile app on Google Play Store

In conclusion, although there are numerous cricket games accessible to Android users, the top ten games listed here offer the most enjoyable and authentic experiences for sports lovers. These games allow players to select the style of cricket experience they like. And this is by providing a variety of gameplay options, such as tournaments, rapid matches, and career modes.

The games on this list also have excellent graphics, fluid gameplay, and user-friendly controls. All these make them playable for gamers of all skill levels. These top 10 cricket games for Android are sure to give you hours of fun and excitement whether you are a casual player or a die-hard cricket lover.

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