Vikendi - Dobro Mesto

PUBG MOBILE Map Guide – Vikendi – Dobro Mesto

PUBG MOBILE Map Guide – Vikendi – Dobro Mesto: Vikendi, the newest PUBG Mobile map, is still in testing. That implies that anything could change between now and publication. This PUBG Mobile Vikendi map guide will show you the finest areas of the map depending on the loot that is available and the possibility of engaging in combat.

Are you seeking refuge from the Vikendi action, or would you like to proceed directly? Learn where to land for the best loot and what to anticipate as you prepare for the frigid winds that will blow over its towns by reading on.

PUBG Mobile Vikendi Map Best Landing And Loot Spots

Recently, PUBG Mobile’s “Resident Evil” update was launched, however, Vikendi is still marked as “beta.” We don’t know exactly when it will leave beta, but we can still take a deeper look and give you all the information you require regarding this map.


At this time, Volnova is one of my personal favorite hotspots in PUBG Mobile. This crowded village is crammed with bricks, firearms, and multi-story mansions. lots of weapons

It’s second only to another location we’ll discuss below in terms of popularity as a loot spawn location on the entire Vikendi map.

Therefore, if you like to jump right into the action, Volnova is the place to go. Its vastness and intricacy also make it unlikely that you will be shot down as soon as you land.

Simply land on the outer edge, then make your way inside. Additionally, it’s definitely the spot to look for a Godzilla crossover shirt.

There should be tons of weapons everywhere, including on objects like barrels and boxes that are out in the open and inside the innumerable structures.

Located along a significant portion of the Vikendi river, you can enter or exit at any time by boarding one of the several boats you’ll see outside.

Also,  it essentially offers everything you could ask for in a landing location, but be ready to double-check your steps at every turn.


Another well-liked location along the Vikendi river, Podvosto, is just a few minutes’ walk north of the Volnova and provides a comparable offer.

In many circumstances, Podvosto is a scaled-down variant of Volnova. Although there aren’t as many unique weapons to be found, the area’s smaller size makes battles seem a little simpler.

The elevation is the major thing to watch out for because it is so near to the cliffs that overlook the river. Also, Keep to the high ground as much as you can.

However, it’s simple to get shot by a sniper if you’re not cautious because there are another dozen or so smaller buildings on the other side of the bridge.

The two cars parked on either side of the major bridge remind one of a scene from a Cold War spy movie. Therefore, the apparent choice for gaining a tactical advantage is a natural bottleneck.

The west side of the town might just win out if you need to get away quickly. While in comparison to the east’s two, there is just one nearby car, a garage is always close by. 

Two additional automobiles are on the long road that leads further out toward Mount Kreznic, and there is even a boat right under the bridge.

Dobra Mesto

Dobro Mesto, Vikendi’s main center, is one of the more intriguing spots to end a PUBG Mobile game. This slightly twisted city on the West Coast glows brightly on the loot heatmap.

Here, getting a gun is quick and simple. Its lively terrain is made up of around 30 to 40 different buildings, so you should be able to pick up just about anything you could ever want without being quickly caught off guard.

Even though you’ll hear a lot of footfall, there shouldn’t be a high probability that anyone will locate you precisely unless you’re hanging out of a window or making every door in the area your objective.

A complete squad can move fast around the outside of the map thanks to three boats along its shore.

Also, a large fleet of vehicles can ensure that driving another vehicle close by won’t immediately alert an occupying squad of your presence and that teams can quickly leave the area if necessary. Who in a sea of cars is going to notice one extra automobile, after all?



Consider Trevno as your first stop if you prefer to prepare yourself in PUBG Mobile before entering the fray. Trevno has its own port, so we’re not simply stating that.

For the soldier who prioritizes preparation over the inevitable pew-pew, this tightly populated small fishing hamlet has a lot to offer.

Although you won’t find the most valuable stuff here, the area’s distinctive architecture and two dozen structures should provide a reasonably broad loot pool and lots of alleyways to sneak into and out of in order to stay hidden and safe.

The port means that boats are waiting to transport you to other locations on the map, while two garages and automobiles can easily assist with a more terrestrial endeavor.

Tips And Tricks For Vikendi

  1. If you are not in charge of the Castle, avoid using sniper rifles. Since Vikendi prefers close-quarters fighting, it is very simple to catch up to a sniper once he has fired one round.

Some other player will murder you while you attempt to reload. The ideal weapon for this map is an SMG.

2. If you wish to avoid engaging in direct battle right soon after landing, get a snowmobile. Vehicles don’t work well on the snowy slopes of Vikendi, but snowmobiles are perfect.

3. On this map, the first safe area is smaller, but not many players are aware of this. Take advantage of the information here: When this occurs, many players will remain outside of the first safe zone, making it simple for you to hunt them down.

4. Pine trees are abundant on the map, making them the ideal location for ambushes. Settle in the wilderness with a sight attachment: At least you can kill two players from your hiding place.

Again, we do not advise employing sniper rifles for this, but it is up to you to decide if you can reload the weapon quickly enough to avoid being reached by other players.

5. Reduce the graphics quality. No, I mean it. If you lower the graphics a little, there will be fewer “leaves” on your screen and other players will be easier to detect, which is the greatest approach to finding snipers lurking in the forest.

Yes, PUBG Mobile looks incredible when run on BlueStacks with the highest graphical settings, but stunning aesthetics may also be lethal.


Coal Mine & Zabava

These two venues are paired together for a reason and are another pair that people who want to stay longer than 90 seconds choose.

They are only a few minutes apart on foot, and going straight through the hills to get to either one offers more opportunity for looting because of the numerous supply stations scattered across the mountain.

You can follow the road around the edge in one of the many automobiles, but if you choose to run through, there is plenty of shelters available.

Also, the more open surroundings of Coal Mine may be more suited to a particular player’s skill set, even if Zabava normally outperforms them both in terms of loot density. Therefore, they are undoubtedly two things to consider if you find yourself in the north.

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